The Best Peephole Camera To Secure Your Apartment Door

These days, it is very popular to have a smart video doorbell as part of your home.

These devices provide excellent home security and are very convenient if you want to go on vacation or leave your home for an extended period of time, or if something happens outside of your house, etc. 

However, you may not be so lucky as to have this convenience if you live in an apartment. Many apartment buildings have rules that stop doorbells from being installed.

In these instances, peephole cameras become very useful! These cameras can fit into a peephole that is already in place in the door, and usually don’t require fixtures or drilling that may cause damage to the property. 

In this article, we will discuss the best peephole cameras for your apartment door so you can feel secure in your home. So, if this is of interest to you, read on for more! 

What Are The Different Types Of Peephole Cameras?

It may surprise you to know that there are many different types of peephole cameras. They can have various designs, and there are three important things you should know before you purchase a peephole camera.

You should consider all three to ensure that your peephole camera is one of quality. 

Stills Or Video Recording?

Peephole cameras for doors typically have built-in screens on the inside that will act as a replacement for a normal peephole viewer.

However, videos will not be recorded by all of these devices, some will record stills only, while some will not record anything at all. 

So, if you just want a way to see someone outside, then the latter will not be an issue.

However, if you want a way to improve your home security overall, then you will need access to a peephole camera that allows for video recording. It would also be useful to invest in one that allows for motion detection. 

Although, it is important to note that having stills as opposed to video recording means there is a longer battery life for the peephole camera.

So, if you feel as though you do not need access to video recording, then stills will definitely be the better option for you. 

It is also important to note that so far, there are no peephole cameras that support HDR.

This means that the quality of videos is not going to be amazing if the person on the other side of the door is standing in strong sunlight or in the way of a streetlight, etc. 

Doorbell Or Peephole?

Another major difference you may see is the exterior design of the peephole camera. They can be made to resemble an ordinary peephole, or they can look like they have larger housing, which may look as though it can house a doorbell, too. 

A doorbell is a lovely home fixture to have, but it can make a peephole camera slightly less discreet. So, if you live in a building with strict rules, having a doorbell camera installed may not be worth it. 

Now, it is also worth noting that most peephole-only models do not have an option for night vision because this requires hardware on top of the camera. So, they are more akin to a digital door viewer.

Like an ordinary peephole, you will need lighting outside to see outside of it in the dark. 

Do You Have The Necessary Tools?

Some peephole cameras need tools to be installed correctly. If this is the case, then you need to ensure that you do not damage the property.

Some peephole cameras will necessitate using screws as part of the installation process - as a support for the part of the camera that sits indoors. 

However, the products that will follow will not damage your door. They should allow most standard peepholes to fit no matter the thickness of the door.

Some of the products below require the use of a screwdriver to place the machine screws in so that the indoor and outdoor parts stay together. 

What Are The Best Peephole Cameras To Secure Your Apartment Door?

Let’s check out some of the best peephole cameras for your apartment door, before deciding on a winner!



  • Local storage 
  • Door knock sensor 
  • 2.7” LCD screen 
  • Tool-free insulation 
  • 480p Camera 

What Are The Advantages?

The Brinno Duo peephole camera is one of the best out there! Brinno Duo has been in the market for a very long time and they have gained a great reputation as a manufacturer. They manufacture various outdoor camera products. 

Brinno Duo provides products with great build materials, support backing, and a concealed design that is theft-proof. 

With the Brinno Duo camera, there is no sensor or button on the door’s exterior which is often the case with other peephole cameras. For the purpose of discreet installation, the camera is designed as a peephole itself.

Not only does this hide the fact that it is a camera, but it stops others from attempting to vandalize it. 

With the Brinno Duo camera, you will get a field view of 90 degrees which will allow you to focus on the person at the door. This is a far narrower viewing angle than some of the other cameras on this list. 

Additionally, this model includes an optional knocking sensor, too. This goes over the camera and looks similar to a traditional door knocker. 

On top of this, the camera can be viewed live, but it does not record any video. Instead, this peephole camera model uses stills.

So, when an event is detected by the door knocker or through motion detection, the camera will take a still photo. The events are logged onto the device, and the photos can be sent to an email address.

The photos will also be stored on a microSD card that is included with the peephole camera. You will be able to upgrade this easily. 

The Brinno Duo camera also has an app for smartphones and Wi-Fi, so any activations for the camera will be sent to your phone. You will be able to view the live stream from your phone.

If this is not something you need, then you have the option of choosing the SCH500 model instead of this one, because it does not have WiFi capabilities 

With the Brinno Duo peephole camera, you will also receive four triple-A batteries.

With these, the peephole camera has around six months of battery life. This could also mean 3000 activations. You could also use a set of rechargeable batteries. 

Overall, you will receive a very wide view with this peephole camera, which makes it a very useful one to have in your apartment. 

What Are The Disadvantages?

However, there are some issues with this camera that may mean other models on this list are more suitable for you.

For example, it does not have the ability to record video. There is also no night vision available, so you will need to have an external light to be able to see anything. 

As for the quality of the image, it is very simplistic. It has low resolution because it is intended for the small screen of the peephole camera. 

This model of peephole camera is more suited to those who just want to keep note of the visitors they have in the day.

If you would like the added benefit of talking to someone without needing to open your front door, then this will work just fine. 

Some users have also reported challenges with the Wi-Fi connection. However, this is mainly because of cheaper routers as they can sometimes have poor handling.

And, some users have reported that the battery life for this peephole camera is not as good as it claims to be. Now, you may be able to use lithium batteries instead.

However, it all depends on your Wi-Fi signal strength, mileage, temperature, and many other factors.

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  • 1080p camera 
  • 2-Way conversation 
  • Included doorbell
  • 4.3” indoor LCD screen 
  • Local storage 

What Are The Advantages?

The JeaTone Peephole Viewer is a lot more conventional in its approach. It is more akin to a doorbell camera with its 120-degree view and 1080p video camera in HD. 

JeaTone has a range of products with a genuine company presence. This has allowed them to build up an excellent reputation in the home security market. 

As for this particular predictor, it has an internal memory card (that you need to purchase separately) which will capture all events when its motion sensor is triggered.

You will be able to discreetly view these from the screen. You will also be able to record the videos you see via the Jeatone home security smartphone app. Alternatively, you will be able to install a micro SD card (up to at least 128GB.)

The functionality of your smartphone with this peephole camera model is provided with the smart life app. Jeatone uses the Tuya smart home platform - which has proven to be very popular in the past.

This makes sure that you will indeed receive notifications from your doorbell (if you have one) and any detected motion onto your phone no matter where you are. From here, you can respond directly from the app. 

This peephole camera uses lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and can last for around a month of use. To recharge these batteries, you will need to use a screen unit and a micro USB cable. 

With this peephole camera, the larger the screen, the better the quality of the camera.

This potentially benefits those with poorer eyesight because they have the extra security of being able to clearly see who is outside, as opposed to using the Brinno Duo peephole camera.

Finally, with this Jeatone peephole camera, you can add additional smart home features which add utility to the camera. 

What Are The Disadvantages?

Some of the issues with this peephole camera would be its battery life.

The need to recharge the lithium-ion batteries every 30 or so days could become an inconvenience very quickly, especially because you cannot remove the battery and so need to plug in the entire indoor unit.

Other peephole cameras will have removable batteries, so this is something to consider when shopping for peephole cameras. 

Additionally, since the Jeatone peephole camera is only 2.4GHz, then it is likely that it will experience Wi-Fi connection issues. It may be difficult to get it up and running on certain dual-band networks.

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  • 1080p camera 
  • 2-Way conversation 
  • Included doorbell
  • 4.3” indoor LCD screen 
  • Local storage 

What Are The Advantages?

The REUMAR peephole camera is very similar to the JeaTone peephole camera listed above. It has a 1080p HD integrated video doorbell camera, that comes complete with a wide-angle lens and night vision.

It is connected to a 4.3” interior display. It is also connected to the Tuya smartphone platform, enabling you to control it from your phone no matter where you are. However, they are not totally alike.

There are some small variations in the design. One of which is that this peephole camera comes in either a solver or a black option, whereas the JeaTone peephole camera does not. 

As for documentation, then it looks to be very similar to the Jeatone model, but there are in fact some minor differences. To start, the REUMAR peephole camera is a little bit cheaper than the Jeatone peephole camera.

It also offers a 140-degree view field, which is better than the Jeatone view field, and it features an additional IR LED compared to the aforementioned peephole camera model. 

However, it is a much newer model than the JeaTone peephole camera, so it is not as reputable. 

Still, it has everything that you need when it comes to home security with a peephole camera.

It will support motion detection, and it has an infrared motion sensor that will allow you to save a video to the internal micro SD card or to your phone.

This peephole camera model also uses the Tuya app, which means you will receive alerts for motion detection or if someone rings the doorbell (if you have one.) 

You will also be notified by the Tuya phone app if your peephole camera has a low battery.

Like the JeaTone peephole camera, this camera model uses lithium-ion batteries (5000mAh) and has around a month of usage, although some people have claimed it has three months of usage, this will come down to individual use and a variety of other factors. 

However, no peephole camera model is perfect, and this one too has some small issues you may want to consider before you invest in it.

So, there are some connectivity issues here regarding the Wi-Fi, but this is the case for many peephole camera models. 

What Are The Disadvantages?

The main issue with REUMAR is that they are not yet a reputable business, so there is little data or reports on what their camera is like. 

However, REUMAR does offer a one-year warranty for their peephole cameras, so it may be worth investing in them, given the excellent quality that their peephole cameras seem to offer. 

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  • No tools needed for installation 
  • Anti-pry camera 
  • Design is ultrathin 
  • 1080p camera 
  • LCD screen (3.5”) 

What Are The Advantages?

If you choose to invest in the Dioche Peephole Camera, then you know you will receive high-definition images of the outside of your door.

You will also get a 120-degree view field, as well as a peephole camera that has a more traditional appearance. 

Additionally, you do not need any tools to install or replace this camera model.

It will also allow you to see a short video snipped after you press the screen button, which will come in handy when you are trying to check if anything happened outside of your apartment or in case of an emergency. 

This is the simplest peephole camera on the list. You will not be able to store the video snippet. There is also no motion detection, memory card, or Wi-Fi connection.

While this means there are no negative issues with the Wi-Fi network, it also makes this peephole camera a simple, digital viewer, but nothing more than that.

So, while this is an excellent peephole camera, if you want that additional security, then you’re better off searching elsewhere in this list for a peephole camera. 

What Are The Disadvantages?

The great news about Dioche is that it is on the more affordable side when it comes to peephole cameras.

However, while this is great because it is cost-effective it also means the build quality of the peephole camera matches the price, and it is not as good as some of the other peephole cameras on this list.

It also means you will need to take extra care when installing this peephole camera to avoid damaging it. 

It is also important to remember that there is no mode for night vision with the Dioche peephole camera. So, you will need an external source of light to be able to see outside of the peephole in the dark.

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  • Wide-angle lens 
  • Included doorbell
  • HD Camera 
  • Indoor LCD screen (3”) 
  • Tool-free installation

What Are The Advantages?

When it comes to value, then this is the best peephole camera that you could ask for. It is a simple doorbell and peephole camera. It is sold at a low price point and has tool-free installation, which is very easy to complete.

The Digitharbor Door Viewer does not have smart features, but it will allow you to see who is at the door whenever the doorbell is pressed, or if you press a button from your side of the door. 

Additionally, the great thing about this model of peephole camera is that it has a 120-degree view field, on top of a fantastic night vision feature!

You will also be able to capture images with this peephole camera. You will be able to store 75 photos in the internal memory. 

However, this is not expandable or replaceable storage, and there is no integrated app that can be used with smartphones. There will be night-vision suitable infrared LEDs, but there will not be any kind of motion sensor trigger. 

This peephole camera model uses lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries are rechargeable. You can charge them with the micro USB cable that is included with the device when you purchase it. 

Not only that, but this device has a very simple installation. You merely need to snap on the design, and then you can take it up and down as you please to charge the batteries.

This peephole camera model has excellent battery life. You will get at least six months-one year usage out of the batteries, meaning you can use it for a very long time without having to worry! 

What Are The Disadvantages?

However, like with all peephole cameras, this camera does raise concerns that you should be aware of before you invest in it. For one thing, there is no support with this camera because the manufacturer is no-name. 

Some people have reported that this peephole camera can stop working soon after buying it. Although, other people have reported that it has lasted for a while so it seems to be an issue based on luck. 

However, this is an extremely cost-effective peephole camera, so if you are not looking for anything other than the basics then it would be perfect for you.

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What Else Should You Consider Before Buying A Peephole Security Camera?

Here are some of the important factors that you need to consider before investing in a peephole security camera. 

The Best Peephole Camera To Secure Your Apartment Door

Viewing Angle And Video Quality

Like many other cameras for home security, you will need a high-resolution camera if you want the best results. Although, you do not always need totally HD video quality. 

Regarding peephole cameras, if you want to purchase a more affordable option then you should still get sufficient video quality that will allow you to identify who is at your door. 

A much more important consideration than camera resolution is the camera viewing angle.

Any camera with a 170 view-field will let you have the best coverage. However, it also compresses the image which makes it difficult to see any details that you may need. 

This is why we recommend cameras with a smaller view-field, because they will still provide enough coverage that you see what is necessary, but you do not get any of the haziness that comes with an increased view-field. 

However, if you have a lot of open space outside of your apartment then a 170-degree view field would still be useful. If you live in an area that is more constrained, then a view field that is narrow will allow you a view with less distortion and clear details.

Exterior Design

Many of the camera models have big exterior housing on the outside of the door. This is so there is room for a doorbell button and, if included as a feature, LEDs for night vision. 

However, not everyone will need this, so it may be worth looking out for something more discreet if you do not. 

More discreet exterior designs will make peephole cameras look like regular peepholes, which is helpful when trying to hide equipment from vandals.

It also has aesthetic purposes, as they can blend with your apartment a lot better and will not be much of an eyesore. 

2-Way Conversation

This is an extremely popular feature for doorbells. Having the ability for 2-way conversation means that you are able to talk to someone from inside your home without having to open the door.

So, this is always a useful feature to look out for if you are thinking of investing in a peephole camera. 

Alerts For Motion 

Motion detection is featured in many peephole cameras. This means that videos or photos of the event outside your door will be captured. While this is definitely a useful feature, its usefulness is a lot more limited when you do not receive notifications.

So, you should try and find a camera that has a smartphone app, so you can receive notifications whenever motion is triggered no matter where you are. 

Location For Video Storage

A lot of the peephole cameras on this list are for viewing purposes only, so they will not store any video.

While this is not a totally necessary feature, it is always useful to have. From the perspective of privacy, a video storage location is one of the best features out there for peephole cameras. 

Some peephole cameras will have local video storage locations, but these are only useful if you are at home connected to your local Wi-Fi network, or potentially only on the actual device, which places a limit on the usefulness of the feature. 

Other peephole cameras will have the option for cloud storage, which is much better than local storage because you can view videos from anywhere as long as you have access to your smartphone.

However, this usually requires you to pay a subscription fee. So, if this is a feature you are keen to have with your peephole camera, then you need to make sure you have budgeted for it appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Peephole Camera?

A peephole camera is a very small video camera that can fit into the little peephole located in your front door. It can provide you with great home security - giving you increased quality of visibility as opposed to a regular peephole lens. 

This is because it uses a wide-angle camera. Some have night vision capabilities, though this is rare, and they usually have to be paired with an indoor display screen. Alternatively, they can be paired with a smartphone.

Do Peephole Cameras Use Batteries?

Yes! Peephole cameras do use batteries. This is because the peephole is built into the center of the door, so it can be very difficult to run power cabling to it. 

Batteries are usually installed on the inside of the peephole camera. This allows for easy access, and it also prevents anyone else from being able to tamper with the peephole batteries. 

The majority of peephole cameras have a lifespan of 1-6 months, but this can vary depending on how often they are used, and whether or not they have video recording capabilities. 

Can I Use A Peephole Camera In A Rented Home?

Yes! You can use a peephole camera in a rented home, and this is actually the best way to use a peephole camera.

Most rentals will not permit the use of doorbells, so you can install a home security camera into your existing peephole without the need to screw holes into your door. You also don’t need to run any cabling, which is excellent news! 

All peephole cameras consist of an internal and external part that is connected through the peephole. It is then locked using a flange-like plate (indoor.) There really are no tools necessary!

Final Thoughts

Some apartment buildings do not allow their residents to use doorbells. So, if you want to feel safe in an apartment, you will need a peephole camera. Many people's cameras can slot right into existing peepholes, making them subtle and effective. 

There are many different types of peephole video cameras.

They can vary from being simple door viewers that allow you to see outside of your apartment door, to door viewers that come complete with extra features like motion detection sensors, video recording, and storage, etc.

Some have night vision, while some do not, and some have an excellent battery life, while others experience issues. 

In this article, we provided a list of what we think are the best peephole cameras. They each shave their set of advantages and disadvantages, but overall they will be a great investment for your home security needs. 

We hope this article tells you all you need to know about the best peephole home security cameras so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

David Jones