The 8 Best Wireless Security Camera Systems

Despite being a widespread industry, focused on both the consumer and professional sectors, personal security has some front runners that represent the best of the best for low cost consumer needs. 

There are many reasons for the exponential growth of this industry, and the needs we have as consumers for such advanced forms of security. 

With our more active lifestyles, access to jobs further afield from our homes, and the commonness of family vacations across the classes, society is arguably more affluent than ever. 

But with that, comes an absence from our homes and businesses, and a greater need to ensure protection and security for our possessions and property. 

But what makes a good security package?

The 8 Best Wireless Systems

So, without further ado, here is our rundown of the 8 best wireless home security camera systems on the market today.


This package consists of 4 Reigy cameras for maximum security, as part of an 8 channel system that can support an additional 4 cameras. 

With 1 years warranty, and a lifetime promise of technical support and assistance, the Pro HD 3 megapixel cameras capture high definition footage, operate great under low lighting conditions (featuring three modes: infrared, spotlight, and smart mode), and will turn on the selected feature once ambient lighting drops below a certain point. 

With a built in two way communication system that allows communication, security warnings for intruders, or greetings, the Reigy uses an aluminum design to promote sturdiness, and features IP66 water proofing to promote better performance in even the most adverse weather conditions. 

With the ability to record continuously for 24 hours, and up to 6 Tb capacity of storage on the internal hard disk, overwriting old recordings automatically when storage space begins to run low. 

With cloud supported storage, and Android and IOS compatibility, this easy to use, professional system feels more space age than consumer, which when considering the relatively good price tag, says a lot indeed.


  • Sturdy design.
  • Great weather resistance.
  • Good value for money.
  • High quality recording.
  • 6Tb of internal storage space.
  • User friendly design.
  • Easy to install. 


Boasting a “risk free purchase”, the Rockspace claims military grade encryption software to protect data and footage, 7 day rolling cloud storage, 6 months of uninterrupted battery life, and excellent night vision that can “turn night into day” during recording. 

With 1080p high definition recording, 4x digital zoom, the Rockspace allows up to 65 feet of clear footage, provided by a movable lens that can rotate 360 degrees, offering an excellent field of view. 

Bright flood lights deter potential intruders, and the full color recordings (even at night) means that even the most persistent of threats won’t get far. 

Fully app controlled, and with easy installation and use, the Rockspace offers two way communication through the device, making communication with delivery people and visitors easier than ever, regardless of your location. 

The two year warranty ensures value and protection, and the 30 day free trial of the advanced features lets you experiment and find the best package for you and your needs. 


  • Sturdy design.
  • Good value for money.
  • 360 degree field of view.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Free trials of advanced packages.
  • 6 months of battery life.
  • Great night vision.


With a choice of colors (white and black) and sizes (standard of XL), the Arlo is a multipurpose, wireless camera with a difference.

With an exceptional long lasting battery that provides 12 months use on a single charge, the wireless design makes installation easy, without the hindrance of having to integrate into your current system.

Incorporating spotlight surveillance into its arsenal of features, intruders will think twice when they are bathed in its glow, and the 130 degree field of view means that even the most elusive unwanted visitors are captured in 1080p high definition footage.

With siren-like alarm systems, and crystal clear night vision, the Arlo has been designed to catch license plates under low light, making identification and observation easier than ever before.

Offering smarter alerts and quicker notifications, alerting you to the action faster and more efficiently than previous models, the Arlo has two way communication, allowing you to comfort a cooing baby, calm a distressed animal, or greet a visitor should you not be home. 


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Reliable equipment and technology.
  • Improved, adaptable camera quality.
  • Responsive notification speed.
  • Great intruder deterrence features. 


  • Poor tech support.
  • Requires subscription following free trial.


This wireless, battery powered security camera is perfect for day or night use, thanks to exceptional infrared capabilities, and 1080p high definition recording.

With long lasting battery life, that can amount to up to two years on two AA batteries, the Blink is designed to withstand whatever the weather can throw at it, with well crafted weather proofing and a compact, sturdy design.

Simplistic in design, and made to be easy to use, the Blink lets you have professional footage and performance at a modest price, without the need to break the bank, or bother with technicians.

Hear and talk to visitors with the real time two way communication system, allowing you to take care of any unexpected problems, deliveries, or requests, regardless of where you are.

With motion detection alerts coming straight through the Blink Home Monitor App, and with compatibility for both Android and IOS, the Blink offers all the perks of a high end product, with the price tag of a consumer bargain. 


  • Good value.
  • Sturdy, compact design.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Easy to install and use. 


  • No rechargeable battery.
  • Requires a Blink subscription plan to save and store in the cloud.


At number 5 on this list, the OOSSXX offers 2-way dual audio antennas, WIFI connectivity for a wireless setup, and infrared detectors that provide efficiency and effectiveness during day or nighttime, offering up to 80 feet of motion detection and visibility. 

With advanced facial recognition algorithms that can properly pinpoint threats, the OOSSXX can accurately tell the difference between small animals and people, not to mention adverse weather conditions that might otherwise trigger a lesser system.

This is to better improve the experience of the customer, and avoid disturbances to the peace with unnecessary motion alerts. 

With a wide field of view of 130 degrees, the wide angle optical lens works best from a higher elevation, and the 5 megapixel, 3K quality ensures that any disturbances or intruders are captured with accuracy and clarity. 

The 2 way audio means that you can communicate with loved ones wirelessly, as well as comforting distressed pets that have been left home alone.

The dual antennas also enhance the WIFI connectivity, providing a higher wireless range, and allowing a more space out setup. 


  • Expert quality.
  • Good value for money.
  • Professional, sturdy design.
  • Adaptive camera settings.
  • Wireless setup.
  • Easy installation. 


  • Customers said the app was poorer than others.
  • Limited connectivity. 


Completely wireless and environmentally friendly, the Dzees is solar powered, taking away the need for tedious battery charges, and providing power all year round. 

With advanced detection software that won’t be triggered by small animals, birds or pets, the Dzees can appropriately and effectively pinpoint human motion, so only the necessary notifications reach you. 

True 1080p high definition live stream, and color night vision, the Dzees works well during the day and night, providing up to 33 feet of vision in low light. 

Featuring app control through both Android and IOS devices, siren notifications if something triggers the equipment, an integrated spotlight for nighttime use, and seven day cloud recording with the basic package, the Dzees is the perfect all-round choice for those seeking a little extra protection for a good price. 


  • Solar powered and environmentally friendly.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Sturdy, reliable design.
  • Wide field of view.
  • Great supporting packages. 


  • Unreliable battery life.
  • Untimely notifications. 


This particular model is suited to both indoor and outdoor use, possesses a long battery life of up to 6 months, and is perfectly designed to give you peace of mind and 24 hour protection at a modest price. 

With 1080p high definition video quality, 32 feet of visible range, and crystal clear night vision, the Zeeporte provides a wide field of view, making it perfect for outdoor security, or for getting a good wide angle shot of a room during interior use (particularly if corner mounted). 

Easy to set up and quick to install, this wireless camera can be up and running in 5 minutes, without the need for a technician, or specialist tools.

Provided with a bracket and screws, the camera can be mounted just about everywhere, and the weatherproofing ensures that no environmental damage can befall it. 

Android and IOS compatible, and with two way audio allowing communication through the devices, the Zeeporte provides high end performance at an affordable price. 


  • Value for money.
  • Easy to setup and install.
  • Long battery life of up to 6 months.
  • Smart motion detection .
  • Weatherproof. 


  • Some minor connectivity issues.
  • Occasional motion detection issues under extreme conditions.
  • Poor app support. 


Coming in last on this list, but by no means least, this security camera by Acelerar is 100% wireless, featuring a built in 5000 mah large capacity rechargeable battery for long lasting battery life (around 3 to 6 months on a single charge). 

Built well, despite the low price tag, the Acelerar is also completely weatherproof (IP65 protection), showing durability in a number of different weather types, and using Adorcam app to only show the most accurate, appropriate motion notifications, ignoring abject weather conditions that might otherwise affect the sensors. 

With an easy setup promoting simple, quick installation, the Acelerar offers 1080p high definition quality, excellent, crisp black and white night vision, and can support up to 128 gigabytes of data, using SD storage cards for viewing footage at later dates. 


  • Great alternative to expensive high-end models.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • High quality footage despite the price tag.
  • Wireless setup.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long battery life. 


  • The supporting app is not as good as other brands.
  • Some occasional connectivity issues. 

Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a home security system, there are several criteria that need to be considered.

The 8 Best Wireless Security Camera Systems


Quality is important, both in terms of the physical design of the camera, but also in the level of footage it is capable of recording. 

A sturdier model will be able to endure whatever weather conditions are thrown at it, not to mention frost and extreme heat, which will crack or damage inferior products. 

Likewise, what is the point of a home security camera system, if the quality of the recorded footage isn’t fit for purpose? It could be the difference between catching and losing a thief, or spotting trouble before it occurs. 

Value For Money

Another important factor, which on the face of it might seem counterintuitive to the previous point, is value for money. 

Whilst people don’t necessarily like spending a lot of money on products, even important ones, one thing that can sway them to do so is a good strong design that works well. 

This is as true of cheaper products as it is of expensive ones. People want something that seems great for the money they have paid, and it is an important ratio that can make or break a company’s image if they don’t pay it the proper attention. 

Ease Of Use

Aside from reliable products, the other thing consumers want from their home security packages are user friendly designs and easy to install equipment. 

This might sound simple, but people can put off purchasing a product if they appear difficult or time consuming to get used to, even with something as important as home security. 

With the widespread availability of consumer security products has to come usability that extends to people of all capabilities.

Gone are the days of technicians having all the power, and security products, like other technologies, have to be usable by the average consumer, not just the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Field Of View Important? 

Yes. Field of view is generally important to ensuring your security cameras can pick up and record as wide a range of movement as possible. 

This might be less important on doorbell cameras, but for regular security cameras, the field of view can be the difference between catching potential threats and being the victim of crime or theft. 

Is Battery Type Important? 

Whilst most modern home security cameras come with rechargeable battery packs, some require manual insertion of store bought batteries. 

Rechargeability is cheaper in the long run, and is a much more sustainable option that can be implemented as part of a regular camera maintenance routine. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, a wide range showing the 8 best wireless security cameras available through 

Each offers something different, whether it is industrial level protection wrapped in a consumer price tag, sturdy designs that won’t break the bank, or ground breaking and environmentally friendly designs perfect for modern living. 

Whether you want something to give you that extra peace of mind, or the perfect security system for those long periods away from the house, there is something for everyone out there. 

All you need to do is shop around.

David Jones