The 10 Best Honeywell Security Cameras – Buyer’s Guide


Moderately priced, and designed for indoor use, this wifi-based security camera uses wireless internet access to function, and can either be mounted on a wall, or simply stood on a shelf or desk. 

Easy to install and setup, and compatible with existing alarm and security systems, such as the TC app (Total Connect 2), the C1 boasts efficiency, effectiveness, and picture quality, allowing peace of mind and protection of property at a modest price. 

The wireless wifi connectivity allows pairing with mobile devices, providing safety and security during periods of absence, such as vacations when the home will be empty, or simply for monitoring pets when you are at work. 

With infrared technology that provides excellent night vision to protect from intruders, and when paired with the compatible alarm applications, the C1 is one of the most effective and user friendly cameras on the market.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • Modestly priced.
  • Software compatible (Total Connect 2).
  • Infrared vision.
  • Sleek, tasteful design.
  • Easily concealed or mounted. 


  • Requires a WIFI connection.
  • Requires regular charging.
  • Some reported pairing issues with certain devices


Whilst pricier than other models, the C2 boasts a multitude of uses, including baby monitoring, pet watching whilst out of the house, and property protection from intruders. 

The versatile design, and 140 degree adjustable head makes it the perfect choice for discreet placing, allowing wall and ceiling mounting, secretive placing throughout the property, or placed out in the open, where the simplistic and tasteful design will make it feel right at home with most decors and styles. 

Consisting of a 1080p full HD camera, with 6x zoom capabilities, and with 8GB of SD storage included, the C2 is the perfect choice for careful homeowners who want a little more security and peace of mind in their day to day lives. 

Also, the WIFI connectivity and cloud storage means that you can securely stream or download the previous 24 hours worth of footage should the situation require.

This comes with the standard package, and can be upgraded to 7 or 30 days should your needs change. 

Compatible with Alexa, and reinforced with geofence technology that allows location pinpointing and an advanced home or away mode, the C2 can be paired to your mobile device to allow 24/7 on the go monitoring of your property, home, and loved ones.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Intelligent sound detection, perfect for small children, animals and smoke alarms.
  • Versatile design and display options.
  • Mobile Phone compatible.
  • Tasteful design. 


  • Night vision could be better.
  • More expensive than other models. 


This model comes as part of a home security starter kit, which includes 2 access sensors for doors and windows, a security key fob, a camera base station, and the camera itself, which boasts motion sensor technology and HD video recording. 

The door sensors consist of two infrared linked fobs (one on the doorframe, and the other on the door), which alert you when the door to your house has been opened.

This can then be set up to send notifications directly to your mobile device for quick and attentive security alerts. 

Encouraging a do it yourself mentality towards home security, and boasting an easy setup and installation of all the devices, the Smart Home Security Starter Kit is a perfect starter pack for those who want a little extra security for their home, belongings, or to monitor pets and small children. 

Recording motion-detected clips in crisp 1080p high-definition, this model provides easy compatibility with other smart devices in your home, including Amazon and Google products. 

The built-in Alexa function also allows weather reports, online queries, the ability to control other linked devices and more.


  • Motion detection, and facial recognition.
  • Excellent night vision.
  • Modest pricing.
  • Perfect all-round starter kit.
  • Multi-use and versatile.
  • Includes door and window sensors (x2)


  • Honeywell app not compatible in some countries (check before you buy).
  • Basic service and technology (but it is designed as a starter kit). 


At a modest price, and with a sleek, small design about the same dimensions as a standard door bell, this interior camera boasts high-definition video capabilities, wall or table top mountability, and a quick installation perfect for all tech abilities. 

Working wirelessly with the Honeywell Lyric App, and pairing with your mobile devices, the Lyric offers versatility, easy connectivity, as well as intelligent sound detection software perfect for detecting smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or crying infants. 

Triggered by motion or sound, the video clips can be viewed and downloaded from the Lyric app, and saved to SD cards or the cloud for future use.


  • Great customer support.
  • Excellent quality footage.
  • Sensitive detection software.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Solid app support.
  • Nice compact size for home use. 


  • Limited mounting options when compared to other Honeywell products. 


As more of a product for professional or industrial use, this indoor camera is one of the most sophisticated of its kind, offering 2-4 megapixel recordings, excellent low light filming, hassle-free system integration, and true day/night efficiency, all in a sturdy, sleek design. 

Offering superior image quality, with 25-30 frames per second, and true WDR (up to 120 db) that reduces light glare, this truly is the best way to protect your business or property and provide peace of mind whilst doing so. 

Easy to install and use, they are able to be retrofitted into many existing systems, making them perfect for a variety of different projects and uses, be it schools, universities, government offices, or industrial settings.


  • Rugged, sturdy design.
  • Proven reliability and effectiveness.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Day and night compatibility.
  • High frame rate.
  • 2-4 megapixel recording quality. 


  • Require professional installation.
  • Less suited for home use. 

Top Five Outdoor Security Cameras


With a sturdy, weather-proof design, this dome camera offers multi-megapixel high-definition 1080p video footage in an analogue format. 

Capturing sharp footage every time, the analogue HD technology means that it operates in real time, transmitting a non-compressed signal of up to 500 meters thanks to coaxial cables that guarantee good quality. 

Coming in slightly more expensively than some of the indoor cameras, this model offers professional security suitable for commercial or private properties, ensuring clarity, effectiveness, and efficiency when it comes to protecting your home or business premises.


  • Sturdy.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Excellent, reliable quality footage.
  • Analogue HD recording quality.
  • Strong wired connection.
  • Responsive under low lighting and bad weather conditions.
  • Subtle, sleek design. 


  • Pricier than indoor cameras.
  • Requires professional installation.
  • Wired connection. 


At a more modest price, the bullet camera from Honeywell offers industrial level security for commercial prices with a product that is equally suited to both environments. 

Easy to install and use as part of an existing security system, the Bullet Camera delivers high quality 720p footage using long distance cabling of up to 300 meters (984 feet). 

Capturing excellent quality color footage during the daytime, and crisp black and white images at night, the Bullet Camera works exceptionally well under low lighting, meaning that your home or business is protected from intruders or vandalism at all times. 

With a dependable, proven track record for weather resistance, this camera employs smart, infrared technology to capture between 20 to 30 meters of footage, using sensitive LED lights that are adaptive to the lighting outside. 

Easily mountable to a wall or ceiling, this model requires no rewiring, and can easily be adapted to existing wiring systems, making it perfect as a mass-use product in colleges, universities, schools, or businesses.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy design.
  • Sleek, simplistic shell.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Reliable setup.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Day and night compatibility. 


  • Lower quality than other models (with only 720p).
  • Less reliable than more expensive models.


The Analogue Bullet Camera allows recordings of 1080p high-definition quality video footage supported by 4MP effective video resolution. 

With a 3.5mm fixed lens, and two high powered IR LED lights, this camera allows high definition footage as part of your existing coax security infrastructure. 

With 25-30 FPS (frames per second) delivering superior image quality, it allows true day and night effectiveness thanks to 2D/3D noise reduction and long distance transmissions, meaning crisp color during daytime recording, and clear black and white footage at night. 

The IR LEDs provide up to 200 feet (60 meters) of illumination during nighttime recording, meaning that your business is protected from intruders and vandals whatever the hour of day. 

Using existing BNC cabling, no rewiring is required, making it simpler to install and integrate as part of your existing security system in your home or business.

Remote operation is available through online facilities, or using the DVR, enabling versatility for all setups.


  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Subtle, sleek design.
  • Consistently good quality.
  • Day and night compatibility.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Easy to install and use. 


  • More expensive than similar models.
  • Require installation.


With a 90 degree field of view, and up to 23 feet of motion detection, this outdoor motion camera is perhaps most suited for commercial home use. 

Unalarmed by small animals or birds, the reliable detection system doesn’t waste your time with nonsense notifications, only alerting you to what matters most. 

Boasting an impressive battery life of two years (of moderate use), and with equal efficacy at both day and nighttime, the easy to install home security system offers protection against intruders, vandals and all manner of unwanted visitors thanks to intruder deterrent technology designed to play music or sounds on approach to startle and dissuade potential trespassers, or to make your home sound like it is occupied, perfect for when you are on vacation or simply out of the house.

When it detects motion, it records a high quality ten second video clip of the approaching source of motion, giving you peace of mind for long absences, and solid, reliable proof should the worst happen. 

Resistant to all kinds of weather, it is the perfect device all year round, offering reliability and efficiency regardless of what life throws at you. 

Unlike the other models on this section, this one is completely wireless, allowing simplicity of installation and use, and without the need for rewiring, complex installation, or painstaking integration with existing wiring.


  • Modestly priced.
  • Reliable and well-made.
  • Excellent video quality.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Day and night compatibility.
  • Intruder deterrent technology.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Has a minimum weight/size setting, meaning it won’t be triggered by birds or small animals. 


  • Shorter clips recorded than other products.
  • Some reported connectivity issues. 


Despite being the most expensive on this list, this Bullet Camera is the most reliable of the bunch. 

With a heavy duty design that is both sturdy and well-made, and with a weather resistant outer shell perfect for the unreliability of the weather, this product is perfectly suited for entry level enterprise, cloud-based business systems, government facilities where reliability is paramount, or general buildings like colleges and universities. 

With a 5 megapixel quality level, shooting just under 2k level, the 4mm fixed lens offers up to 78 degrees field of view, this model uses motion detection, intrusion detection, and people detection technologies, designed to capture the motion that matters, and to ensure the safety of your home, property, or business premises above all else.


  • Solid and sturdy design.
  • Reliable consistent quality.
  • Extremely weather resistant.
  • Day and night compatibility.
  • 5 megapixel quality.
  • AC/DC power source. 


  • More expensive than previous models.
  • Requires professional installation.
  • Restrictive software requirements. 

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for any security system, there are various factors that need to be considered. 

The 10 Best Honeywell Security Cameras - Buyer’s Guide


Outdoor cameras need to be sturdy and waterproof, able to withstand changes in temperature and the extremes of nature. 

Indoor cameras need to be sturdy to stand up to children, pets, clutter, and other accidents in the home.

There is a need for them to be attractive, subtle in design, and in keeping with existing technology and decor. 


The price is important, as is value for money, and as a customer it is important to consider your budget, assess your needs, and pair these with the existing customer reviews to find the best products for you. 

Installation & Use

When looking for a security system, you want a product that isn’t time consuming or complex to install, and which is simple to access and use on a daily basis. 

These features are also important to look for in customer reviews, and can be the difference between a good and bad product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Megapixel?

A megapixel is a million pixels, and they are used in the creation of digital imagery. The higher the number of megapixels, the greater the quality of footage the security camera can record. 

How Important Is Weather Resistance?

Weather resistance is incredibly important in outdoor cameras, and is needed to protect the technology from rain, wind, ice, and extreme heat. 

Whilst it is generally useful for indoor cameras to be somewhat waterproof to protect against accidents and spills, the same level of outdoor weather resistance is very rarely incorporated. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, our breakdown of the ten best Honeywell security cameras available on the market today. 

It’s certainly easy to see why they have remained such a staple of the industry ever since their inception in 1906, bringing high-level security capabilities to the average home or business owner to give them safety, protection, and peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. 

Why not try them out for yourself?

David Jones