Six Things You Need To Know About Door Viewers

What are door viewers, and why do people use door viewers? 

Home security is extremely important. Keeping your house safe from criminals and intruders is absolutely vital.

Six Things You Need to Know About Door Viewers

This article explains what door viewers are, and everything there is to know about door viewers. Plus, it explains what digital door views are, and whether digital door viewers are better than traditional door viewers. 

While many people may think door viewers are old fashioned, they’re actually very important, and technology has improved door viewers to make them even safer and more effective. 

Keep reading if you want to learn more about home security!

What Is A Door Viewer? 

A door viewer is a wide-angle (also known as a fish eye) lens that is installed into a door.

A door viewer is typically installed at the door at the front of the house, known as the entrance door.

However, it is also common for a door viewer to also be installed into the door which leads out to the garden. 

A door viewer is a form of security for homeowners. This type of security method allows homeowners to check to see who is at the door, without having to open the door.

This is important because some criminals may not attempt to ‘break in’ the house, but instead intrude into the house when the door is opened.

Likewise, it is also good to ensure no unwanted visitors are at the door. This may again be for security reasons, or it could simply be a person that the homeowner does not want to see. 

Traditional door viewers are low technology, but they are very valuable.

They offer security to homeowners and residents of a home

Digital Door Viewers 

On the other hand, digital door viewers are a recent technology advance which has upgraded the traditional door viewer.

This type of door viewer offers greater security for homeowners and is generally a more reliable method of seeing who is at the door.

This is because digital door viewers are also accompanied by display screens. 

These display screens show who is at the door very accurately and in clear detail. It means that the homeowner does not have to press their eye at the door to discover who is at the door.

This is clearly an excellent device for the elderly, those with bad eyesight, and anyone who is too short for a traditional door viewer.

Six Things That Everyone Needs To Know About Door Viewers 

Six Things You Need to Know About Door Viewers

1. Why Do People Use A Door Viewer? 

People use door viewers to keep their homes safe from unwanted visitors and possible criminals. 

Door viewers allow homeowners to see who is at the door without having to answer the door.

This ensures that the homeowner is aware of who is at the door without having to open the door, which is much safer. If the homeowner knows who is at the door, they can open it.

If the homeowner doesn’t know who is at the door, or they do not want to answer the door to a person, they do not have to open the door. 

It is also much safer to use a door viewer because criminals can try to enter the house when someone opens the door.

Although this seems like an odd way for a criminal to break into a house, it is actually a common occurrence, and it is a reason why people use a door viewer. 

That means that if someone sees someone at the door who they do not recognize, they do not have to answer the door, and if they need to, they can call the police. If it’s the middle of the day, a criminal may not try to break in through a window and instead come through the front door – which is why door viewers are so beneficial. 

  1. Why Are Digital Door Viewers Popular? 

Digital door viewers are becoming increasingly popular. They are preferred over traditional door viewers because digital door viewers offer homeowners extra security and safety. 

With a traditional door viewer, homeowners need to press their eye against the door viewer to see who is at the door.

This isn’t a problem and is an effective way to see who is at the door.

However, thanks to digital door viewers, it is no longer the best way. With a digital door viewer, people can view who is at the door by looking at a display screen. 

Depending on the brand, some display screens even have a zoom-in function. This is very important for anyone who has trouble with their sight.

It simply allows anyone to be more cautious of who is at the door because all they need to do is check a digital display screen. 

In fact, one reason some people dislike traditional door viewers is that the visitor can tell when someone is at the door.

They cannot see who is looking at them, but the visitor can tell if someone is looking through the digital door viewer because the door viewer will go black when someone is looking. 

Most of the time, this doesn’t bother people. If it’s someone at the door who they don’t want to answer, then they won’t answer it.

However, other people really dislike this. It could be that they feel guilty about not opening the door, or, the homeowner simply feels safer if they know that the visitor is not aware that the homeowner is checking who is at the door. 

  1. How Does A Digital Door Viewer Actually Work? 

Digital door viewers work very similarly to traditional door viewers. The door viewer itself looks exactly like a traditional door viewer, so any visitors would not know that it was a digital door viewer. 

The display screen is installed on the inside of the door so that the homeowner can view the screen.

To get the screen to work, all the homeowner needs to do is press the power button, and the screen will work, and display who is at the door. 

Most digital door viewers will also have a night mode option. This means that even in the dark, the homeowner can see who is at the door.

This just increases the brightness of the screen and makes it easier for the homeowner to identify who is at the door in the dark. 

There are a lot of different digital door viewers on the market. Some digital door viewers have even newer functions.

At the basic level, some digital door viewers include a zoom-in option, which makes it easier for homeowners to identify who is at the door.

Another cool feature that some digital door viewers have is called a ‘knocking sensor’. A knocking sensor records the image of the visitor who knocks on the door automatically.

That means when the homeowner walks to the door, they can already see who is at the door via their screen.

So, instead of the homeowner having to press the power button, the screen automatically displays who’s at the door. 

Plus, this feature also means that the homeowner can see who knocked on the door when they were not home. 

  1. When Should Someone Use A Door Viewer?

A homeowner should use a door viewer whenever a visitor is at the door.

While it may not always seem necessary, like in a situation where you know your mother is visiting you in twenty minutes, it creates a routine that is overall safer for the household.

Creating a habit to check who is at the door day and night is safer for the household. 

Everyone in the household should use the door viewer, and everyone should make a habit of using the door viewer. It is also a good idea to tell guests who are visiting the home to use the door viewer before opening the door. 

  1. Where Should Door Viewers Be Installed? 

Most crime prevention organizations state that door viewers should be installed on the main door. This is because anyone who visits a house will usually knock on the main door of the house. 

Some homes have more than one door that is commonly used. If there are two doors that visitors use, or can use, then a door viewer should be installed on both doors.

Usually, this is the garden door. However, some houses have side doors. 

As well as door viewers, crime prevention organizations also recommend that homeowners install security alarms and security cameras, to ensure that the property is safe from criminals.

6. Who Should Buy A Door Viewer, Or A Digital Door Viewer?

Six Things You Need to Know About Door Viewers

Everyone should buy a door viewer or a digital door viewer.

There are a few groups of people who may benefit from a door viewer / a digital door viewer more than other groups, but overall, everyone should be using a door viewer.

This is because everyone is vulnerable to home intrusion. 

To some people, it seems a bit unrealistic that someone would intrude into the house when someone opens the door. However, this is a real crime that often happens and has happened to many people.

The criminal will knock on the door, and then when someone is opening the door, they will force the door open and walk into the house. This can happen in any neighborhood, and it is very dangerous.

While it is not nice to think about, these types of crimes can happen, and the reason people buy door viewers in the first place is for security. 

That means that everyone can benefit from a door viewer.

However, there are certain groups of people who are more vulnerable and should definitely invest in a door viewer.

These are elderly people, people who live alone, those with bad eyesight, and those with a family.

This group of people will benefit from a door viewer but should consider buying a digital door viewer.

The reason these groups of people should buy a digital door viewer is that it is easier for them to check to see who is at the door, and it is much safer.

The elderly and those with bad eyesight can very clearly see who is at the door.

For those with families, children can see who is at the door by looking at the screen, and they will know never to answer the door unless they see a specific family member’s face on the door. 

Also, for those who live alone, having a digital door viewer is much safer.

People who live alone are classified as easier targets for crime because it is more difficult for them to defend themselves, this is especially true for women, so any woman who lives alone should have a digital door viewer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Is Better, Traditional Door Viewers Or Digital Door Viewers? 

Digital door viewers are better because it is much easier to see who is at the door. The screen clearly shows who’s at the door, so it is easier to identify the person at the door. 

While traditional door viewers are still effective at seeing who is at the door, digital door viewers are overall safer and may be safer for vulnerable groups. 

Can Visitors See When Someone Is Looking At Them Through A Door Viewer? 

Visitors cannot actually see who is looking at them, but they can tell that someone is looking at them. 

That is because, with traditional door viewers, the door viewer will go black when someone is looking through the door viewer. 

This does not occur with digital door viewers.

What Other Security Tips Are There? 

Six Things You Need to Know About Door Viewers

Buy A Security Alarm 

A security alarm is important. A security alarm will activate when someone tries to enter the house, which is an immediate deterrence for criminals. 

The security alarm should be activated whenever the residents leave the house, and when the residents go to sleep at night. 

Hide Valuable Items

It is very unsafe to display valuable items, such as jewelry and gadgets.

This is because thieves will be able to see these valuable items from the window, and will view the house as a possible target for burglary.

All valuable items should be put away in draws, and some values should even be put in a safe, such as passports and expensive jewelry. 

Plus, keys should be put away in draws too. Do not place keys by the letterbox or the front of the door, because burglars can use a fishing rod with a magnet to get the keys. 

Buy A Security Camera 

Security cameras are a form of CCTV. They record who is at the property, which ensures if someone tries to break into the property, the police can identify the criminal from the footage.

Security cameras are different from door viewers.

While some security cameras can be viewed on a mobile phone, digital door viewers are ideal for vulnerable groups because it clearly shows who’s at the door.

Plus, some security cameras can only be viewed on one phone, which is not ideal for families. 


This article explained everything that anyone could need to know about door viewers.

Door viewers are incredibly important for home security.

It is recommended that digital door viewers are installed to increase the level of security in a home, and digital door viewers should definitely be installed if someone is in a vulnerable group. 

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