Just The FAQs: Security Camera System Questions And Answers

Security cameras are designed to offer homeowners and business owners a greater level of protection. They’re commonplace in society and used in most places.

While security camera systems are commercialized, they can still be quite confusing to use. 

Just The FAQs: Security Camera System Questions And Answers

In this article, we answer the most commonly asked questions about security camera systems, in an easy-to-understand format! 

What Is CCTV? 

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It just means that a camera, or many cameras, is connected to a device that records and monitors video. 

Why Do People Use CCTV?

CCTV is used for safety purposes. It allows business owners, homeowners, and security guards to monitor areas and ensure that the area is safe from criminals.

While it can work as a deterrence, sometimes it can be used to identify criminals, which makes it easier for police officers to identify who caused a crime. 

How Do Wireless Security Cameras Get Power, Without Using Cables? 

Wireless security cameras tend to use batteries to supply power. It is a myth that all wireless security cameras are battery-powered, however.

Many companies create wireless security cameras that are charged using a cable before being powered on to start recording again.

How Long Does A Battery Powered Security Camera Last? 

The actual security camera will last for a very long time, a quality security camera should really last for years.

The battery itself will need to be changed over time, but not an amount of time which is bothersome.

Batteries tend to need to be changed every one to three years, depending on the quality of the battery. 

Can Someone ‘Hack’ Into A Wireless Security Camera? 

Yes, but there are ways to prevent the risk of this happening. 

It is possible for someone to ‘hack’ into a wireless security camera if the person leaves the security camera on the default settings.

So, do not leave the security camera on the default settings. The more you play around with the camera, the harder it will be to hack into. 

Plus, the camera’s address name and password should also be changed, and the security system should never be out in the open, it should be behind the security system owner’s internet. 

It is vital that the security camera owner prevents all the ways that the security camera could be hacked.

Where Is Security Camera Footage Saved? 

The footage is saved in two places. 

The footage can be saved either on the camera, which will be stored on an SD memory card. It can also be stored through a network video recorder.

Network video recorders are used for security systems because they will upload the security camera footage straight away to the computer.

With an SD card, the owner must upload the data from the SD card to a computer, which takes more time. 

When Was CCTV Invented?

When Was CCTV Invented?

CCTV was invented in 1942, in Germany. CCTV advanced greatly in the 2000s due to a rise in technology. 

How Does Someone Know If They Need Security Cameras? 

If anybody owns any type of property, then it is safe to say that they need a security camera.

A security camera just offers extra safety, and if anyone were to burglar a house or property, it is likely that they will be caught on CCTV, which will make it easier for the police to identify the criminal or criminals. 

How Many Security Cameras Does Someone Need? 

This depends on the type of property. 

If it is a large property, then the property will need multiple security cameras, this is especially true with businesses and large remote houses.

If someone owns a flat, then they may need only one or two security cameras.

It also depends on how dangerous, or safe the neighborhood is.

A neighborhood with less crime still needs security cameras, but they may not need as many as neighbors with higher crime. 

At a minimum, anyone who owns a property should place a security camera at the entrance of their home.

Ideally, there should also be a security camera at the backdoor and security cameras within the house, e.g., by the stairs.

Security cameras should never be placed in bedrooms or bathrooms for privacy issues. In some states, it is illegal to place security cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Are Doorbells Video Cameras? 

Not every doorbell is a video camera, this is actually a very modern invention. 

Video doorbells are a very smart invention because they allow homeowners to talk to visitors at the door and visually see who is at the door via a smart home device or a mobile phone.

This can be much safer for certain individuals, as if they feel like there is any risk, they can call the police without having to answer the door or even reply to the visitor.

Are Security Cameras Always Recording? 

This depends on the type of security camera. 

Some security cameras only record when they detect motion. This means that they will not record until they detect motion, so they are not recording 24/7.

Usually, these types of cameras will send the homeowner a message when the camera detects motion. 

Another type of security camera, known as a continuous video recorder, records 24/7.

This type of camera does not detect motion, although some types of continuous video recorders may offer motion detection as well as 24/7 recording. 

There are pros and cons to using a motion detector security camera, as well as a continuous video recorder.

The former allows for greater space on the cloud or the SD card, while the latter provides more security. 


Security cameras are not new, but technology is upgrading security cameras every year.

There are dozens of different types of security cameras on the market, which all offer different features.

Learning about security cameras can be confusing, which is why this article provides answers to the most common questions people ask about security cameras. 

Security cameras offer security to homeowners and business owners, but always ensure to protect security cameras from hackers before they are installed. 

David Jones