How To Use Smartphone Security Cameras

With technology always evolving, people are always finding new ways of adapting gadgets.

A phone’s main function is not purely for making phone calls but now we can use the mobile phone to protect our property as well as ourselves.

How To Use Smartphone Security Cameras

In this article, we will be teaching you how to use a smartphone security camera to keep your property safe on the go.

Why Use Smartphone Security Cameras?

Keeping your property secure is vital if you want to ensure that everyone is safe and your valuable assets are secure.

Smartphone security cameras have revolutionized and that is ultimately because of their convenience.

Whilst the traditional security cameras are large, obvious and expensive, having a security system on your smartphone allows for discretion and full protection at an affordable price.

More and more people are turning to their mobile devices to help monitor their homes, so should you jump on this bandwagon too?

Here are some reasons why you should consider a smartphone security camera:

High-Definition Footage

The one thing that smartphones are known for is their high-definition camera quality.

With a security camera on your phone, it can be guaranteed that your footage will be clear and of the highest quality.

This ensures that there will be no mistake in spotting who is on your property.

View From Anywhere

Another great thing about smartphone security cameras is that the footage captured can be viewed from anywhere.

Whether you are at home in bed, at the diner across town or in a foreign country, you will always be able to view your security camera from your phone.

This gives people an added peace of mind.

Do Not Need Wifi

The great thing about operating CCTV from your smartphone is that you don’t need to use wifi in order for it to work.

Smartphones have adapted so much that a 4G connection will give you the perks of being connected to the internet without having access to any wifi at all.

Cost Efficient

Another reason to consider using a smartphone security camera is its cost.

Many systems which link to the smartphone are much cheaper than the traditional CCTV, making it an affordable option.

Moreover, you will definitely get your money’s worth even if this method did cost a little more.

This is because the smartphone security camera is durable, convenient and guarantees safety.

How To Use Smartphone Security Cameras

How To Use Smartphone Security Cameras

Using a smartphone security camera is a new way of life and has grown immensely popular. It is modern, highly functional and very easy to set up.

Below, we will be teaching you how to use a smartphone security camera on your own phone, providing you with a safe and convenient life.

Step 1 – Choose Your App

The first step is to choose your security app. There are a variety of security apps available to download for your convenience ranging from Dormi to Manything.

Many of these downloadable apps are free of charge however other charges may apply within the app itself.

Step 2 – Install The App

The next step is to install the app. In order for this to work, you will need two smart devices. Download the app on both devices.

We would recommend using your current smartphone (this will act as a viewing system) and an old smartphone or tablet (this will monitor and record the footage).

Step 3 – Set Up Settings

Next you will have to set everything up. To do this, go to your settings on your old smartphone/tablet and turn it into a security camera.

Do this by adding alerts, upping the video quality and more.

Step 4 – Positioning

Now that you have everything installed and set up, it is now time to position your old device.

Consider what room you would prefer to have your camera located in and find a place which provides plenty of discretion as well as a clear view.

Step 5 – Link Devices

You will then have to link both devices. To do this, simply sign into the same account on both devices. This will create an automatic link.

Step 6 – Your Security System Is Active

Once you have completed all of the above steps, your home security system will be live and active.

From here on out, you will be able to monitor your phone simply by using your smartphone.

Using A Smartphone Security Camera: Things To Consider

Using A Smartphone Security Camera: Things To Consider

Although there is plenty of good that comes from using a smartphone security camera, there are still some things to consider by deciding to use this option.

Smartphone security cameras are great alternatives however they do come with some drawbacks which makes it lesser than the traditional CCTV.

Does Not Work At Night

The one thing to think about is if this will guarantee 24/7 surveillance.

Unfortunately, using a smartphone to replace the classic security camera system will not be useful at night as these apps do not provide night vision and if there was an app that did, the night vision would not be of great quality either.

The only way this would work would be to have the light left on overnight, however this is not practical.

Will Need A Power Source

Another thing to consider is your phone’s power. Smartphones have powerful batteries, however these batteries do not last forever.

When setting your smartphone/tablet up, you need to make sure that it is sat near a power source which allows you to charge the device when needed.

As well as this, it is important to use a device which has a good battery.


You should also consider the possibility of overheating. Smartphones were not made with the intention of being a security system; they were made as a communication device.

Because of this, it is very possible for your smartphone to overheat when using the app as it will always be active.

Final Thoughts

Smartphone security cameras are all the range and definitely something to consider if you are looking for affordability and convenience. Is this the security system for you?

Try it out!

David Jones