How To Reset Blink Cameras (Reset Blink XT2 & Blink Mini In Minutes!)

Founded in 2009 by Peter Besen, Don Shulsinger, and Stephen Gordon, Blink initially started life as Immedia Semiconductor Inc., before changing lanes and focusing on the consumer electronics market.

How To Reset Blink Cameras (Reset Blink XT2 & Blink Mini In Minutes!)

After a successful kickstarter campaign in 2014 raised $1 million for their indoor home security camera, they branched out into outdoor security cameras, doorbell cameras, and package home security systems.

Now an acquisition of Amazon (as of 2017), who employ the technology for their Amazon Key service, the new and improved line of products remain popular to this day.

The Blink XT2

Offering a potential five cameras system, and with a series of colors, mounts, and additional features, the XT2 is one of the most popular indoor/outdoor security cameras on the market.

With a simple, sturdy design that puts reliability and security above overcomplication, this wireless, battery powered camera promises long lasting battery life (up to two years on two AA lithium batteries), 1080p high definition recording capabilities, and pristine infrared night vision for 24 hour protection.

Its rugged design and weatherproof exterior means it is ready to go whatever the seasons throw at it, and the adaptability of the features mean that changes in lighting, conditions or time of day have no power to diminish this camera’s effectiveness.

With Alexa pairing capabilities to streamline your home security system, and with an intelligent motion detection sensor that can accurately distinguish between visitor, intruder and false alarm, this product delivers professional high end security at consumer friendly prices.

Why Reset My Blink XT2?

There are many reasons why it may become necessary to reset your Blink XT2, from network connectivity problems, to recording problems, or even bug problems that need fixing.

This simple procedure is often the last option for such problems, but once it has been done, it will restore it back to basics, allowing you to reestablish the connection and return it to working order.

How To Reset The Blink XT2

Resetting your Blink XT2 camera couldn’t be simpler, in fact it barely requires you to do anything.

Should you wish to remove cameras from your system, or sell/give them to someone else, you can simply digitally delete the information from your home security system, after which it will automatically reset the specific device back to its default state.

Resetting The Sync Module

It will also be necessary to reset the sync module when going through with this process.

The sync module communicates network details to all the devices in your security system, as well as ensuring that all devices are connected to the internet.

To fully reset the entire Blink XT2 system, use the sync module button, which can be found on the side of the camera beside the USB port.

Hold this button until the light turns red, after which it will be necessary to reinstall the device on the app to complete the reset process, when the light will turn blue/green.

Deleting The Sync Module

Once this has been done, you will then need to delete the sync module from the Blink app.

This can be done by opening the Blink app (on your smartphone or tablet), selecting the “?” option, selecting the “delete sync module” option, entering the serial number, and then selecting “delete”.

Reinstalling The Sync Module

Then comes the reinstallation, which will reconnect the module and restore the system to working order.

Simply enter the home screen, select “+”, locate and select your particular system, enter the serial number on the module, select “discover device”, and then select “join”.

It is worth saying that this process is only as a next to last resort, and is only required if the minor issues proceed beyond a traditional reset.

If this has been completed and the problems still persist, you may need to progress to the Blink service center, who will be able to recommend further actions moving forward.

The Blink Mini

The Blink Mini

Offering remarkable 1080p quality despite its small size, the Blink Mini is one of the handiest little gadgets on the market.

Perfect for indoor security recording, the Mini is small and discreet enough to be placed on a shelf or windowsill, and the sleek, stylish design feels both modern and classic, blending seamlessly with most decor styles.

With integrated smartphone alerts, allowing reassurance and security on the go, the Mini allows two way communication with visitors, family, friends, and distressed pets, allowing 24 hour interaction regardless of where you are in the world.

The installation couldn’t be simpler, promising full activity in minutes of unboxing, and with Alexa pairing, you can control the whole system with voice control, including arming, disarming, live view, and more.

This product has taken the world of interior home security by storm, not only because of the high quality it delivers, but also because of the miniscule price tag, which goes some way to explain why Blink have made such a name for themselves in the industry.

Why Reset My Blink Mini?

The Blink Mini can be reset for several reasons, namely to move your camera to a new WIFI or network location, to reconnect to an existing WIFI network, or to fix connectivity issues and problems with the setup.

If a red light appears on the device, then it means connectivity issues are present, and a reset must be done to correct the problem.

How To Reset The Blink Mini

Another simple reset process, the Blink Mini has a small reset button on the underside of the camera, which will always need to be pressed in tandem with the deleting process to ensure the Mini restores itself to factory settings.

To reset the Blink Mini, leave the camera plugged in, and press the reset button at the bottom, holding for 15 seconds.

This will begin the process, which will finish when the solid blue and green light appears at the bottom.

It is better if done with something like the nib of a pen, or the end of a screwdriver, instead of something sharp and potentially damaging like a thumb tack or pin.

Reset Vs. Factory Restore

If you are moving home or selling your device for any reason, you may wish to simply restore your system to default factory settings, and as part of that a reset will be necessary to finalize the job.

It is also important to point out however that resetting is not the same as a factory reset, and thus will not delete any important information, any profile pictures, or delete your camera from your overall security system.

So before selling or giving away your security system, a factory reset is the only way to protect your privacy.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has been useful in tackling those annoying little errors that can crop up along the way. To reiterate, here are a few take away points.

Resetting Blink devices can be a simple process, and one that is a good way to correct any minor (or major for that matter) issues within the everyday running of the device.

However, this should always be the first step in confronting issues, mainly because it is an inconsequential action that does not interfere with the settings of your device, the personal information therein, or the connection to your primary system.

If problems persist, then further action may be needed, be it in the form of factory resets, or deleting devices from the overall system, however it is always best to communicate with a trained Blink technician before taking any drastic steps.

After all, you never know, the problem might just be simpler than you thought!

David Jones