How To Reset Blink Camera

Blink cameras are a fantastic way to increase home security. They’re a mid-range smart security camera that are reliable and effective.  

With security cameras, it’s not always easy to understand how to reset them.

How To Reset Blink Camera

Luckily, Blink cameras can be reset quickly and easily, so there is really no hassle involved. 

This article provides an easy-to-understand method to resetting Blink cameras! 

When Should Someone Reset Their Blink Camera? 

There are many reasons why someone might need to reset their Blink camera, but there are two very main and obvious reasons for doing so.

The two main reasons for resetting a Blink camera are the following: 

  • If the Blink camera is not working properly,
  • If you want the Blink camera to go back to its default settings.

Other than those two reasons, a security camera should not be reset. It’s not good to constantly reset a security camera, the security camera should only be reset when required. 

Resetting A Blink Indoor, Outdoor, XT and XT2 Camera 

To reset a Blink indoor, outdoor, XT and XT2 camera, a Synch Module is required. A Synch Module connects the cameras to the internet.

If someone has multiple cameras, but only wants to reset one camera, it is much easier to reset the whole system (all the cameras) by using a Synch Module. 

However, there is an easier way to reset a Blink camera without having to use a Synch Module. 

That is just by switching off the internet modem, and the Wi-Fi router. 

This is the steps to take that: 

  1. Unplug the internet modem and Wi-Fi router, and from the socket. 
  2. Wait for 60 seconds. 
  3. Plug the internet modem back into the socket. 
  4. Once the internet modem is online, the Wi-Fi router can be plugged into the socket. 

If that does not work, then the Synch Module can be unplugged. 

  1. Unplug the Synch Module (this will be the power cable). 
  2. Wait a minimum of 10 seconds. 
  3. Plug the Synch Module back, and wait one minute. 
  4. When the green and blue lights are on and not flickering, it should be working. 

Reset The Synch Module

If none of those steps worked, then the Synch Module needs to be reset. 

This is how to reset a Synch Module: 

  1. Press the reset button on the Synch Module for fifteen to thirty seconds. The reset button is located next to the USB port, which is found on the side of the Synch Module. 
  2. Wait for the lights to turn red. 
  3. The reset is finished when there is one green light, and one blue light that is flashing. 

Resetting the Synch Module puts the Synch Module into the ‘set up mode’. This will make all the cameras go offline.

However, for the cameras to work again, the Synch Module needs to be deleted and then reinstalled in the Blink app. 

This is how to delete and reinstall the Synch Module. 

  1. In the Blink app, press the icon that has a question mark (?). 
  2. Then, select ‘delete Synch Module’. 
  3. Either enter the Synch Module’s serial number, or scan the Synch Module. 
  4. Then press ‘delete’. 
  5. Go back to the Blink app home screen. 
  6. Press the ‘plus’ sign (+). 
  7. Select the option for ‘blink wireless camera system’. 
  8. Either enter the Synch Module’s serial number, or scan the Synch Module. 
  9. Select your Blink system, this is done by pressing ‘Discover Device’, and then clicking the option that says ‘Join’. 
  10. Then press the option that says ‘Done’. 

That is how to reset a Synch Module. 

If resetting the Synch Module does not resolve the issues with the Blink camera, then the customer servicers at Blink should be contacted.

How To Reset Blink Mini Cameras 

How To Reset Blink Camera (3)

Blink Mini security cameras do not need to be connected to a Synch Module, although some people still use a Synch Module. 

Here are the instructions to reset a Blink Mini camera. 

  1. A Blink camera has a reset button that is located at the bottom of the camera. 
  2. The reset button should be pressed. 
  3. After fifteen to thirty seconds, the camera should be reset. 

If the Blink Mini camera is not working, then the following steps can be taken: 

  1. Unplug the Blink camera. 
  2. Wait for 60 seconds. 
  3. Plug the Blink camera into the socket.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Blink Security Cameras Worth Buying? 

Yes, Blink security cameras are a great method of home security that can keep families safe from criminals.

While Blink cameras may need to be reset on occasion, all security cameras will need to be reset at some point. 

What Happens If A Blink Camera Doesn’t Work After Resetting The Camera? 

If a Blink camera does not work after it has been reset, and after the Synch Module has been reset, and the Synch Module has been removed from the app and reinstalled, then there may be a problem with the camera. 

In that case, the owner of the camera should contact Blink customer services. Blink customer services will advise the owner of the camera on how to fix the problem.

How Can Someone Tell If Their Blink Camera Is Being Hacked? 

All security cameras can be hacked, including Blink cameras.

There are some obvious signs that a camera has been hacked. 

The first sign is that the camera is making unusual sounds.

If there is any talking, voices, or sounds that can be heard, and no one in the house is using the audio function, then the camera may be cyberattacked. 

The second sign is a camera that is working slowly. While this might not necessarily be linked to hacking, it is a possibility. 

The third sign is that the password for the camera has changed.

This is a clear sign of hacking and the camera should immediately be switched off and the plugs should be removed from the socket.

Place the camera in a location that does not show the house or anyone in the house. Contact Blink customer services immediately.


Resetting a Blink camera is fairly simple!

There are many methods to reset a Blink camera, but if none of the methods in this article work, then Blink customer services should be contacted.

David Jones