How To Remove Ring Faceplate

Ring doorbells are becoming more and more popular along with other products that offer what they do.

This includes video and audio and an app that allows you to monitor it. Are these products becoming harder or simpler to fix or change though by yourself?

How To Remove Ring Faceplate

Even though they require a bit more technical work using the app that is linked to them, they generally improve your security and make you feel safer in your home due to the features they have introduced.

And this is all for a reasonable price for multifunctional products. The question today is how to remove a faceplate from one?

Follow these steps below to remove the faceplate correctly without damaging the product in the process.

What Will You Need?

You don’t need too much equipment when it comes to this task and the majority of people will be able to do this on their own. However, never let children try to do this task. 

When you purchase a Ring doorbell you will also have a Ring screwdriver in the pack.

Therefore, make sure you keep everything in the pack before getting rid of the packaging because this will definitely come in handy for jobs like these.

However, if you find that you have thrown it away, you can buy a replacement screwdriver from Amazon for a cheap price. 

Ring support is also very helpful if your faceplate has also been damaged in a storm or very bad weather. When replacing this they will most likely send you out a new one to replace it with. 

Removal Of Faceplate

This is an initial warning to make sure that you check whether your specific product is one that can be removed because there are types of their products that are different.

Here is a short step by step guide on how to remove the faceplate: 

  1. You need to unscrew the screw (safety) right at the bottom of the doorbell faceplate. You will need to use the screwdriving given in the pack, place the screwdriver in the safety screw and turn clockwise to make it looser. Try not to lose the screw as they come in handy for replacing. Therefore, you could pop your hand underneath so the screw can fall out into your hand. 
  2. You need to use your thumbs and put pressure on the bottom of the faceplate, lifting it up. This shouldn’t be too difficult and shouldnt need too much force. 
  3. You need to wait for that click of the faceplate, then you can remove it from the base. You do not want to damage the faceplate and need to be gentle on removal.
  4. The Ring doorbell is now completely open and the faceplate has been removed. However, it is advised to carry out his task in nicer weather to make sure the device does not get damaged when exposed.

Now, How Do You Put One Back On?

How To Remove Ring Faceplate (1)

You will either be removing the faceplate to replace it or to charge the battery on it.

Afterwards you will need to be able to put the faceplate back in and here’s how you do it:

  1. The base and the faceplate need to be aligned where it needs to be snapped back on. There should be a hook that will need to be put into the hole on the base of the doorbell. 
  2. This will need to be done at a 45 degree angle and snapped back onto the base. 
  3. You need to be able to hear that click sound to make sure that the faceplate has been securely put back on properly. 
  4. You then need to screw the safety screw back into the bottom of the doorbell to make sure it is secure. You can then use the same screwdriver to screw it back in. 

If you’re looking to make a change to your faceplate then they are very interchangeable and you can even choose from different colors to have now. 

Now that you have completed this task on your own it will be all that much simpler next time around or if someone you know needs help changing their faceplate. 


In final thoughts, even though the process may seem straightforward there are always certain things that can go wrong and it is usually the simplest tasks.

It is important to always try and keep the faceplate from damaging when you are taking it out because you also don’t want to damage anything else in the device which is why it is important to be careful with this specific task. 

It is also important to follow the steps one by one and not miss any because you think it sounds too simple. Every step is necessary in replacing or changing this part properly to make sure it is functioning correctly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove The Faceplate From A Plate?

Now turn the screwdriver clockwise, until the screw comes out. Bonus tip: place your hand below the screw so it doesn’t fall down and you lose it.

Now you should use your thumbs to push the bottom of the faceplate upward until it lifts up. Use your other fingers as support, placing them in the middle of the plate.

How Do I Remove The Faceplate From The Helmet?

The faceplate will easily lift off once you have loosened the bottom with your thumbs. There is nothing else holding it onto the body.

Be careful not to let go of the faceplate once you loosen the bottom edge or it might fall off and hit the ground.

How Do I Remove The Security Screw From My Faceplate?

Simply place the tip of the screwdriver into the security screw. Now turn the screwdriver clockwise, until the screw comes out.

Bonus tip: place your hand below the screw so it doesn’t fall down and you lose it.

Now you should use your thumbs to push the bottom of the faceplate upward until it lifts up.

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