How To Power Cycle Wyze Camera

The WYZE camera has really taken CCTV to a whole new level of creativity. These are some of the most affordable cameras on the market with added impressive features.

How To Power Cycle Wyze Camera

There are also a variety of different cameras for you to buy from indoors to outdoors to make sure you are all covered. 

There are many reasons for you needing to power cycle your device and down below, it will be talking about the reasons why and for what types of devices this applies to linked with WYZE cameras. 

With two way audio, night vision and cloud storage, this CCTV has everything you would need for your home security.

The question is today, how can you power cycle this WYZE camera if needed?

Find out all of the information down below here also concerning different types of products and how you can get a quick fix to small problems.

How To Power Cycle

Power cycling consists of cutting off the power support from the device. This means the device will be completely powered off.

If the device is having troubleshooting issues which can be very frustrating, this can sometimes be the best method to restart the device to see if it speeds it up.

To do this the steps are: 

  1. Disconnect your device from its power source first this can either be from the camera or external power source. 
  2. You need to wait for about 15 seconds because you need to let the device discharge itself and it sometimes needs a bit of time. 
  3. Then all you need to do is either switch the device back on or plug it back into power and you should be ready to go. 

This method won’t work for every problem you might have over the years but most of the time the device just needs to be restarted and discharged for a couple of seconds. 

Power Cycling Your WYZE V2

This one in particular uses the exact same process but it might have to be repeated again and again until a result.

However, if you find yourself doing this too much then you will have to hard reset it. 

Power Cycle A WYZE Camera Remotely

Everyone loves doing things remotely and on apps nowadays because it can be more effective with new technology. These are the steps that you can take to power cycle your camera remotely: 

  1. You will need to have the WYZE app installed where you can go on and select the specific camera you would like to power cycle. 
  2. You then need to turn the power off. 
  3. It is best to wait for a whole 15 minutes to make sure it is properly discharged so it can restart properly. 
  4. When turned back on, it should be fully reset for you to use as normal. 

Power Cycling An Outdoors WYZE Camera

This is a very simple task to carry out and should have I working in no time: 

  1. You will need to unplug the camera from the hook. 
  2. Then you will need to take out the batteries for at least two minute. After that you can pop them back in and wait for at least 10 seconds. 
  3. Then after everything is inserted and you have waited an appropriate amount of time you can turn the device back on. 

Why Might It Not Be Connecting?

How To Power Cycle Wyze Camera

There could be several different reasons why your connection is bad and it is affecting the usage of your cameras which are linked to the network in your home.

Here are some examples of why this might be happening: 

WIFI Connection

This all depends on the traffic in your household that could be affecting how well the system is working. Most things techy rely on wifi to upload and record and store. 

Day To Day Glitches

For these types of issues you might want to try unplugging and plugging the device back in if it is constantly glitching throughout the day. It might also just need a restart.

SD Card

Your SD card can also be the issue if it is corrupted for some reason. This can definitely be a reason for the interference of the living streaming in or outside of your home. 

Error Code 90 Of WYZE Camera

So what actually is an error 90 code? This will appear when there is an issue with communication. 

It can become an issue when the device is placed quite far from the router which can lead to a low signal being transmitted.

To be able to have videos that are running smoothly you need a high connection rate to be able to stream effectively. 

Therefore, a solution to this could be setting up access points for the WIFI around the house. If the device is closer to an access point then the strength of the signal will be increased.

Your best option is to try this method because then you are not relying on one access point for your device or devices in the home and they are more spread out. 


Overall, there are many reasons for why you might need to power cycle your device which can be down to it just needing a reset or restarting or because your connection isn’t at a level which is effective to use this device.

You want your device to be working to its full potential so you get your money’s worth.

If you are having troubles with the connection, these types of methods are sure to help you have a smooth running system. 

However, if these types of methods don’t work then you might need to call the support system from where you bought the device to make sure that it has nothing to do with the device that you have bought.

Never hesitate to contact your support systems as that is what they are there to do. 

David Jones