How To Connect Ring To Wifi

It can be very frustrating when you have connection problems with any type of WiFi. So, how do you fix this?

If you are not connecting properly, it can come from either end. It can also be down to the device you are using and you might just need to switch networks.

How To Connect Ring To Wifi?

Usually it is an easy fix when it comes to connecting devices to wifi but it can be fiddly and frustrating at times and that is why you need to follow this guide.

This will help you understand why you are having these problems with the wifi and also the solution to your problems.

How To Reconnect The Ring Doorbell To A New WiFi

This particular type of doorbell is more technological because while acting as a doorbell it also has other functions such as video and audio and notifies you of any visitors.

You can even talk to them through the device and don’t even have to open the door if not necessary. 

When it comes to a Ring doorbell you need to remember that it solely relies on WIFI connection to function, therefore, that is what you’ll need to be checking first if the system stops working to try and reconnect. 

This product comes with its own app where you will sort out all of the settings and use the video tech.

But to reconnect to a new wifi you will need to find the three lines at the top where you will see ‘devices’. You will need to select this and then click on doorbell options.

The next step is to then click on devices health problems which will bring you to network settings and will allow you to use a new WiFi from here. 

Why Isn’t My Ring Doorbell Connecting?

This particular doorbell relies on the wifi strength and connection in your house to be able to function properly.

If this strength is reduced then you won’t receive the best quality for usage. 

If your WIFi is not active, it will not be able to connect to your device and here are some reasons why: 

Poor Wifi Connection

This is the most obvious option but if there is either a lot of traffic running through your wifi at home it can sometimes slow down the connection and sometimes even disconnect.

You also need to make sure that you have your router in a good place for connection. If it is not, this can also be an obstruction and something getting in the way of you connecting.

Therefore, always make sure that the router is in good range to the doorbell. 

Incorrect Login

As simple as it sounds, this can be one of the most common issues when it comes to connecting your WIFI. if you type in the password incorrectly it will not allow your device to connect.

Therefore, you need to make sure you are being careful with how you are typing in the password and make sure you type it in with the correct capitals and lowercase. 

Power Outage

If there is a power outage at your home then the wifi will not stay connected. You will need to go back through the process of connecting to the device and it is not functional without wifi. 

Low Battery Of Device

If the battery of the device is running relatively low, it might start to affect the function of the device.This can disrupt the function of the doorbell and is giving you a sign to either recharge or change the battery.

Connect Ring To Router Step By Step

How To Connect Ring To Wifi?

Using step by step is always the easiest method to get to the bottom of your problems.

If you are having troubles connecting the Ring device to your router, read down below for more information on how to solve your issue.

  1. Checking the network: Poor network is one of the main causes of disruption for your device. You need to check the strength of your network. You can disconnect your device, then try and connect your smartphone. If this connects immediately then your Ring doorbell should too. 
  2. Changing password: If the password to the WIFI has been changed recently for any reason then the device will not recognise it and you will need to reconnect with your new password and save it. 
  3. Router: It could also be your router that is playing up and it might just need a reboot or to be restarted. This will enable you to reconnect after a few minutes of letting it reboot. 
  4. Check battery supply: There also may be an issue with the battery level on the doorbell which needs to be charged or replaced. This is also on the devices section on your app where you will find device help. You will need to click on power status to see your battery level. 


Overall, it can be a more difficult process than you first thought depending on whether you are connected to a new WIFI or trying to reconnect.

There are several different aspects that could be obstructing you from connecting to the WIFI which aren’t always obvious.

However, you always need to remember to try everything because it might not be the device and could be your router if you are having some problems with connection.

Sometimes a quick reset and wait can be all it takes to sort out. 

You do also need to read the connected parts depending on whether you have a wired system or a battery system because both will not apply to you.

You need to remember that your device relies on the WIFI to be able to function so if it goes down you should definitely presume it is an issue with the connection to the network.

Follow these steps and you should be back on track and connected in no time.

David Jones