How To Connect Google Nest To WIFI

It is very common to have issues with connection when it comes to needing your devices to function correctly and speedy.

It is usually down to the network connection because most devices rely on wifi in your home to function which is exactly like the Google Nest.

How To Connect Google Nest To WIFI

Google Nest is actually very simple devices that do not need too much fiddling.

However, they do not hold more than one lot of personal network information, so keep that in mind if it is already connected to one and you want to change it. 

You might even need to reconnect your system after a password change or a power outage that could also affect your device not being connected to the WIFI.

If this happens there are easy ways to fix this problem and also alternative options if it is not working straight away. 

How To Connect The Nest To WIFI? 

Due to this type of homeware device being connected to your smartphone, you need to make sure that both your smartphone and Nest device are trying to connect to the same WIFI. 

  1. You need to have the Google smartphone app installed and ready to use and find where it has the device and change the network settings. 
  2. You will then need to go to the top right where you will see a machine like icon and click on that. You will need to then forget the network that you were trying to connect to so you can start from the beginning if you were having any problems before. 
  3. From here you can move from the home to then setting up a new wifi in the same place and typing it all out correctly with your wifi name and password to try and connect. 
  4. You will also need to consider whether you have got a new router. If you have then you will need to change the details to the new router to make sure it connects properly. If this is the case it will also need a factory reset of your Nest device. 

Why Won’t It Connect?

There are several reasons why it may not be connecting straight away which can be due to connection strength or human error. 

  • It could be the case where the Nest device just will not connect to a new router and as mentioned before, this is where it will need a factory reset. 
  • You will need to plug the Google device in and open up the smartphone app. If you are still having problems with this you may need to unplug, wait for a few seconds and re-plug then try again. 
  • You need to add a new device and then set up this new device because the first time you do this, the Google Nest will retain all of your information that you put in. If you’re looking to change it, that is where some of the issues may arise. They can only actually remember one wifi connection at a time and the system could be confused if you have tried to add another connection without forgetting the other. 

These particular Google products are made for easy users and aren’t meant to have a confusing setup and if you are running into errors it is usually a troubleshoot with your network or if you are trying to overwork the system. 

As mentioned before, it is simple and only retains certain of your personal information.

Therefore, when you try and change this information it will come up with errors because it only recognises the only information.

There is no need to worry whether your product isn’t working because most of the time it is just that you need to reset the system. 

Other Reasons For No Connection 

  • Low signal coming from the router
  • Low speed internet connection – this could be due to the traffic on your wifi running through the house which could be causing it to slow down. 
  • Changed password – if you have changed the password then you could be just inserting the wrong password or you need to reset it. 

To be able to see whether this has worked you can either ask the device to play some music to see if it is working properly or start asking the device some questions. 

You Might Need To Limit Other Users On Network

How To Connect Google Nest To WIFI (1)

In most people’s households, there is more than one person using the WIFI for different devices and downloading which means this is taking a lot of the power.

Therefore, if you start reducing the amount of devices that are being used at one time, then it will be easier to use the Google Nest and it might not be malfunctioning at all.

It could just be the usage of your network.

Reset The Google Nest

This might sound overly simple but in most cases it will work. With these types of devices, by resetting them, it is put in the same place as when you bought it.

When you start from scratch, your device will be able to connect to the WIFI better because it has no prior knowledge of any other information that could obstruct it. 


Overall, Google Nests are quite simple devices even though they are quite techy.

Also, when it comes to WIFI there could be several reasons for why it can’t connect or what is preventing you from connecting that is due to password changes or low connection.

If you are setting up your new Google Nest it should be very straightforward if you have a good network connection that doesn’t have too much traffic running through it. 

Hopefully this guide has given you not only a good insight in how to set up a new Google Nest but also how to reconnect an existing device if something has gone wrong with the network or if something has changed that is affecting the Google Nest from connecting.

David Jones