How Long To Charge Ring Battery?

Battery-powered security systems have never been as popular as they are today.

From outdoor cameras to nanny cams, more and more people are opting for a battery-operated system than ever before.

How Long To Charge Ring Battery

Ring has a range of battery-powered cameras that can be installed hassle-free.

However, many people have questioned just how hassle-free these battery-powered cameras actually are when it comes to charging them. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about charging the battery of Ring cameras. So, if this is something that interests you, then read on for more!

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Ring Battery?

Despite their popularity, many people question whether or not Ring battery-powered systems are worth it.

This is because they cannot work unless they are charged, and some people do not want to take the risk of unplugging some of these essential systems to charge them. 

Different Ring products will have different charging times. Generally, the Ring battery can take anywhere between 5-10 hours to charge completely.

This charge time comes down to many factors. For example, many of the Ring products have lithium batteries, such as the Spotlight Cam Battery, Peephole Cam, Doorbell 3 Plus, and more.

Rechargeable lithium batteries can take a lot longer to charge. 

An exception to this is the original Ring Video Doorbell. This Ring product does not have a removable battery, so it sometimes only takes 4 hours oy charge fully.

However, it can take up to 12 hours. With this product, you will need to place the charger cable into the Video Doorbell directly. 

How Can I Charge My Battery-Powered Product Quickly?

With the exception of the original Ring Video Doorbell, all Ring devices (that are battery-powered) include a quick-charge battery pack.

This still needs to be charged for around 5-10 hours, so there is no real, fool-proof way to quickly charge these battery-operated devices.

However, we understand that there are times when you need to charge the battery-powered product as quickly as possible.

If this sounds like you, then you will need to use a 2.1 amp USB wall charger. 

Another helpful tip that will encourage your Ring battery device to charge quickly is charging it when it falls to 30%, not 0%.

Should I Charge My Ring Battery Often?

Yes, you should charge your Ring battery often, but you should not charge it daily. Although, this all depends on your definition of “often.” 

Generally, you will need to charge the Ring Battery twice a year – that’s once every six months! But, this will not apply to every household.

There are many factors that can affect how often you need to charge your Ring battery. This includes:

  • The surrounding weather and air temperature in the area where you live. 
  • How often you use your device 
  • Both the stability and signal of the WiFi connection. 

What Should I Do If My Ring Battery Device Needs Charging More Often?

Sometimes, you may notice that the charge on your Ring battery-powered device depletes rather quickly. This may happen for many reasons, including: 

  • Constant usage 
  • Unstable WiFi 
  • Constant cold temperatures 
  • A large number of alerts and motion events

You will be notified via your smartphone or email when your battery has low power.

When this happens, you should charge the Ring battery right away to prevent them from losing power and rendering them unable to be used for a prolonged period of time. 

How Do I Check The Battery Life In The Smartphone App?

In the Ring app, there is a separate section that will allow you to see the real-time battery life, which you can check anywhere no matter the time. Follow these steps to learn how to do it! 

  • Go to the app and open the homepage. 
  • Click on the surveillance system button. 
  • Look to the top-right corner to find the battery icon. 
  • Now, you need to click on “Settings.”
  • Once you have completed the step above, you can view the remaining battery life of your chosen Ring device. 

And there you have it! 

Why Do Charging Times Differ?

You may find that when you charge your Ring battery-powered device for the first time in the year, it charges a lot faster (or slower!) than the second time you tried to charge it. But why is this the case? 

Well, most of these batteries are made from lithium, which means that they cannot last in cold temperatures. So, they will charge slower during the winter. 

This is why charging times differ. It depends on the weather and the temperature in your neighborhood when you are using the charger.

How Do I Charge The Ring Video Doorbell Battery? 

How Long To Charge Ring Battery (1)

The first thing you need to do is take the doorbell from its mounting bracket.

Once you have done that, you need to insert the charger (use a micro USB wire) into the back of the device.

From here, there is a circular light that will show you the total charge of the battery, and from here you can work out how long the remainder will take to charge.

Once the circle turns blue, the doorbell is fully charged! 

Final Thoughts 

Battery-powered Ring devices have grown in popularity over the past few years.

Many people see the advantages of hassle-free installation but have wondered whether or not these devices are worth it based on charging times. 

Most Ring devices will take anywhere between 5-10 hours to charge. The exception is the original video doorbell, which can take anywhere between 4-12 hours.

The reason for this charge time is the lithium batteries. These batteries will charge faster in the summer, but slower in the winter, this is because they do not work as well in cold weather. 

You should charge your Ring battery-powered device at least twice a year. 

If you want to make your battery-powered device charge quicker, then you can try plugging it into a wall charger instead of a USB, charging it on a warm day, or charging it when it gets to 30%, and not lower. 

We hope this article helps you understand how long Ring batteries take to charge.

David Jones