Home Security Cameras: Which Models Don’t Need Wifi To Work

Just because every gadget, tablet, phone, and device is now WiFi reliant doesn’t mean that you have to be.

In fact, bucking the WiFi reliance trend by installing a home security system that is powered through other means is actually more beneficial than you might think. 

Home Security Cameras: Which Models Don’t Need Wifi To Work

Maybe you live in a remote area where, for whatever reason, your WiFi signal can drop out unexpectedly and leave your home WiFiless for hours of no end. In this case, your home security system for those hours or even days will be rendered, somewhat, useless.

Whatever your reasons are, we’re glad you’re here and that you have come to the realization that a heavy reliance on WiFi maybe isn’t where it’s at.

In this article, we will present you with the very best home security camera systems that function just fine without WiFi. 

How Does A No-WiFi Home Security Camera Work?

Security cameras that don’t require WiFi to function are very useful under the right circumstances.

Instead of being connected to the internet, this style of a security camera is typically hardwired to a dedicated recording and storage device. This will form its own system that does away with the reliance on a router and internet provider. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of No-WiFi Home Security Cameras?

Although there are more wires to worry about, the benefits of no-WiFi home security cameras far outweigh (in our opinion) the disadvantages.

However, in the spirit of fairness, we will present you with both the pros and cons of such a system so that you can make up your own mind, once and for all. 


  • Not as hackable: No-WiFi security cameras and systems are great for anyone who’s worried about hackers accessing their security system. Yes, it’s true that cellular data is still hackable, but it’s a whole lot harder for hackers to access and a whole lot safer as a result. 
  • Will function anywhere: The single greatest advantage of a no-WiFi system over its internet-tethered counterparts is its ability to work under any conditions almost anywhere.
  • Comes with features: Against popular opinion, nowadays, the best no-WiFi security camera systems are fitted with the same modern features that WiFi systems are. Things like remote control, notification, facial recognition, night vision, and live streaming are all featured in modern no-WiFi systems.


  • May require a data plan: This is especially the case if your ears pricked at the idea of modern features like remote control and live streaming. A mobile LTE plan is often required to subscribe to in order to run a modern no-WiFi system. 
  • May be bulky: Unlike wireless WiFi security cameras, some CCTV camera systems are known to be bulky. However, this is more often than not the case with industry-level systems and not so much home security ones.

What Are Some Popular No-WiFi Home Security Camera Models?

No-WiFi home security cameras are great for families who like the idea of not being so reliant on WiFi. Your WiFi signal is inherently likely to stop working from time to time, especially if you live in a troublesome WiFi zone.

In general, no-wifi home security cameras come as a whole system that includes a number of CCTV cameras, a digital video recorder (DVR), a hard drive, and all the wiring you will need to connect everything together and start filming.  

By choosing a no-WiFi home security system, you will have made a decisive first step towards your home security system running smoothly no matter what the home’s internet is or isn’t doing.

Zosi’s 8-channel security camera system is a well-priced, all-in-one package.

It features four dome CCTV cameras, a digital video recorder that is both VGA and HDMI compatible and a 1 TB hard drive for maximum storage potential.

The HDMI ports are particularly handy because they allow you to connect the system to your TV or computer monitor so that you don’t miss a thing. 

Each of the dome cameras features -5 megapixel super hi-def video, which, comparatively, is 2.5 times more enhanced than 1080P HD.

In layman’s terms, this equates to sharp and crisp image captures that are perfect for facial recognition. 

Each camera has been weather protected using an aluminum weatherproof housing to weather any storm. With 160 feet of night vision to their name, these cameras may be compact, but do not doubt their credentials. 

Other modern features of this impressive security system include remote access, motion detection, and instant alerts.

These features will go a long way in ensuring you’re always tuned in to exactly what’s going around your home. It also comes with all the wiring you will need for setup and is both no-WiFi and WiFi-compatible.

An innovative system that ticks every box (including price) is what Zosi is offering and it’s a very good thing. 

Annke understands your desire to have every side of the home protected. This is why their Lite Wired security camera system features eight security cameras to give you eyes around every corner.

The waterproof housings fitted onto each of the cameras are considered high-grade and come with an IP66 waterproof rating to prove it.

Not only do they shape up well in the wetter months of the year, but these ABS housings are also designed to handle extreme heat with fast heat dissipation and zero chance of fading. 

Other notable features of the Lite Wired include a built-in 1TB hard drive that is tailored for professional video surveillance systems.

How may you ask? Through providing a fast read and write speed as well as the ability to record long videos and consume less bandwidth.

The advanced sensor and smart IR coupled with a super-sharp 1080p imagery will help you to capture crisp footage every time.

Knowing your strategically positioned set of eight cameras is ready to take in 100 feet of night vision will put your mind at ease while your family sleeps.

This is a super popular all-in-one security package that comes with all the trimmings to get your home CCTV secure straight out of the box.

Hiseeu’s 5MP PoE security camera system is a  premium system for families who don’t like taking chances on security.

Its PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable is a high-grade no-WiFi device that allows both power and data to travel through it, and straight into the system’s DVR.

Another way that Hiseeu’s system has set the benchmark in home security is its face detection and playback feature.

Making you feel like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, your cameras will detect faces that appear in your video feed and notify you via the mobile app.

The Smart Video Filter feature will offer playback video according to the face detected. 

Another unique feature is the two-way audio that has been included in each of the eight premium bullet cameras.

The ability to give a stern warning to anyone who comes onto your property unannounced will mean the person in question will be taken by surprise and high-tail it down the street.

Hiseeu’s digital video recorder features a mammoth 3TB built-in hard drive and H.265+ Intelligent Compression Technology.

Together these two features equate to 24/7 video and audio monitoring for up to 30 days (double the recording time of a standard DVR)  without sacrificing video quality.

Hiseeu is so confident that you’ll fall head over heels for this security system that they’ve stuck a 1-month free return and exchange service onto it.

On top of that, you will receive a 60-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

The hype on Hiseeu is both real and warranted and you’d be very silly not to consider this high-end no-WiFi home security system.

At the other end of the price spectrum, Zosi’s two-camera home security system is ready to protect your home for less.

Of course, a two-camera system will never match a four or eight-camera system in terms of coverage. However, for townhouses and other small dwellings, two should suffice just fine. 

The cameras are weatherproofed and feature 1080p image quality as well as 80 feet of night vision. The camera’s 90° view angle will allow you plenty of scope to capture any suspicious-looking activity.

The system’s DVR has four-channel compatibility which means that if you’re not happy with a two-camera range of vision, you can purchase another two Zosi dome cameras separately.

Another thing you’ll have to purchase separately is a hard drive for the DVR as Zosi doesn’t provide one. 

A huge advantage of this system over similarly priced ones is its advanced H.265+ video compression. This high-efficiency compression will save you 80% more storage when compared to an H.264 compression.

Other notable features that aren’t typically featured in a budget system include remote access and playback as well as advanced motion detection and alert push.

The ability to program each camera individually allows you to tweak your home security and get it working just the way you like it.

This means, for instance, that you can have one camera recording only when motion is detected while the more prominent camera can record footage continuously.

When considering its astonishingly low price, Zosi’s two-camera home security system sure has our vote. 


As you can see, just because you have chosen not to be a slave to WiFi doesn’t mean you are disadvantaged on the home security front.

Whether you have poor internet service where you live, or you’re just trying to cut back your home’s reliance on WiFi, we hope you were able to find a suitable home security system today to protect your family tomorrow. 

David Jones