GW Security 32CH400WHD 32 Channel DVR 24 Outdoor Security Cameras Review

GW Security has established itself as a successful, reliable brand in the world of domestic and commercial security since its inception in 2004.

Boasting a “customer-first” mindset, and its in-house team of diligent and highly qualified engineers who are on hand to deliver pre and post-sale support, it is easy to see why GW Security is such a respected brand.

With products ranging from individual security cameras, recorders, and accessories to entire security systems that consist of between four and sixty-four channels, GW Security appears to have all your security needs covered.

No matter the size of your budget or the complexity of your needs, there will be a product for you within the GW Security range.

In this article, we will be specifically reviewing the GW Security 32CH400WHD 32 Channel DVR 24 Outdoor Security Cameras.

A complete security camera system consisting of twenty-four separate cameras to cover the entirety of your external property, with extensive and advanced software as standard.

Read on to find out what this security camera system can do for you and whether it is right for your home or business.

GW Security 32CH400WHD 32 Channel DVR 24 Outdoor Security Cameras Review



  • 8TB or 24TB hard drive
  • Free consumer app
  • PoE Cabling
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lifetime tech support
  • 4K video
  • 4X optical & 20X digital zoom
  • Integrated microphone
  • SD card storage option
  • Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible
  • IP66 Rating
  • Advanced night vision
  • Multiple AI options


  • The high end of the pricing range
  • Computer Software comes on a CD and can be difficult to install

Key Features

The biggest feature of the GW Security 32CH400WHD system is the 8TB hard drive that comes as standard in the package.

This generous standard storage can be upgraded to a whopping 24TB hard drive if desired by the consumer.

This is a great feature of this system as it allows for a decent amount of storage for the recorded images, as well as broad tailoring for various storage needs.

You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time based on your needs, so don’t feel pressured to make the decision right away.

GW Security 32CH400WHD 32 Channel DVR 24 Outdoor Security Cameras Review

Additionally, the purchase of the GW Security 32CH400WHD system includes access to a free app.

The GWCam View App allows users to monitor and control the cameras from their smartphones.

Remote access can also be obtained via standard Mac and Windows browsers as an alternative to the GWCam View App.

Both the app and desktop browsers facilitate GW Security smart alerts.

Smart alerts consist of either push notifications to a mobile device via the app or photos sent to desktops via email.

Smart alerts also contain 10-second video playback “alert videos” which allow the user to view the precise moment that triggered the alert in full.

If the thought of motion-detected push notifications on external cameras fills you with dread, don’t worry.

The answer to your concerns lies in the GW Security 32CH400WHD system's special features.

The GW Security 32CH400WHD system features Power over Ethernet (PoE) cabling. PoE cabling eliminates the need for separate power and data cables.

The data can travel both ways through an ethernet cable, bringing commands and data to the cameras as well as collecting data from them.

The presence of the PoE cables provides users the flexibility to install the security cameras wherever they need without being tied to electrical outlet locations.

As standard, the GW Security 32CH400WHD system comes with a two-year warranty, as well as lifetime technical support provided by GW Security.

Image Quality

The image quality of the GW Security 32CH400WHD system is an important selling point.

This system boasts 4K resolution video guaranteed on all cameras connected to the system.

4K Ultra HD video contains 400% more pixels per frame than 1080P HD video, allowing for a crisp, clean image.

The presence of such vast quantities of pixels increases the efficiency of the digital zoom feature, allowing more details to be captured from long distances and more details to be retained with closer zooming.

The 24 cameras in the GW Security 32CH400WHD system have 4X optical zoom capabilities, with an additional 20X digital zoom.

This feature allows users to focus on specific points in the distance, or to examine small details in close proximity.

Audio Capabilities

The GW Security 32CH400WHD system cameras contain a built-in microphone that allows users to record live audio alongside their images.

The integrated microphone produces crisp, clear sound quality in even the most exposed places.

The microphone is designed to pick up the smallest audible disturbances, which can help add additional context to recorded images and provide information that may not be visible in the video feed.

Storage Capabilities

The GW Security 32CH400WHD system boasts advanced technology that allows for newer recording options in addition to more traditional DVR or NVR programs.

Micro SD cards can be inserted into each camera meaning that it can work independently and record internally.

With the additional feature of being able to set individual video recording preferences for each camera, users can decide between the security cameras recording 24/7 or only when it detects motion.

The maximum internal storage capacity supported by the cameras is 256GB.

Special Features

GW Security 32CH400WHD system cameras have a wealth of special features that make them stand out from the security system crowd.

Firstly, the GW Security 32CH400WHD system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Verbal commands can be used to interact with the security camera system if the devices are connected to GW Security’s NVR.

Once set up, live-streamed security camera footage can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or compatible TV using simple voice commands such as “show the backyard camera”.

The cameras in the GW Security system have been awarded an IP66 rating.

This means that the cameras have the highest level of protection from dust, with no dust intrusion permitted inside the camera whatsoever.

The cameras also have the third-highest level of protection from water, resistant to rain, hose-directed water, snowdrifts, and sleet.

This feature creates reassurance as to the robustness and durability of the cameras, which we know is important when making such an important purchase.

Another special feature of the GW Security 32CH400WHD system is the advanced night vision technology.

Not only do the cameras in this system have a night vision reach of 150ft, but they are also equipped with color night vision capabilities.

The color night vision feature uses powerful light sensors on the front of the camera to record full color even in minimal light.

This feature allows for more detail and contrast in low-light video recording, providing additional peace of mind.

One of the most impressive features of the GW Security 32CH400WHD system is the optional AI elements.

There are two main modes for the AI elements, Facial Recognition, and Human & Vehicle detection.

The facial recognition software detects faces automatically and uploads them to the NVR, alternatively, images of faces can be uploaded by the user preemptively.

Once faces are uploaded to the app, users have the ability to identify, search, and blacklist faces. Faces can also be searched for by channel, date, or list.

The Human & Vehicle detection software can be used alternatively with Facial Recognition software with its main purpose being to reduce the number of smart alerts triggered by natural movement.

The software contains a humanoid detection algorithm that can reduce the number of alarms triggered by non-human activity such as tree shaking or animal activity.

Final Thoughts

The GW Security 32CH400WHD system provides a wealth of features in addition to the standard security system amenities.

The advanced AI facial recognition, Human & Vehicle detection, color night vision capabilities, and the 4K Ultra HD video resolution create a complete package that can provide more than adequate security for your home, business, or land.

While the GW Security 32CH400WHD system is not particularly budget-friendly, the bang you get for your buck means that this security system is worth every cent of its price tag.

Alongside all the hardware and software features, GW Security provides excellent customer service and technical support, with an aim to remedy problems as quickly as possible to keep your business or home safe and secure 24/7.

GW Security is a well-established, friendly, and accomplished company with almost two decades of experience under its belt.

Your journey to a more secure home or business, with greater peace of mind, can be a stressful one, filled with pitfalls and dead ends.

Why not put it in the very safe hands of GW Security and their 32CH400WHD 32 Channel DVR 24 Outdoor Security Camera system?

But don’t take our word for it, go out there and try it for yourself.

David Jones