​​Does Ring Work With Google Home?

Any homeowner will know that feeling safe in your home is absolutely crucial.

With a home security set up, you can rest easy in your bed at night, knowing that your property can be monitored with just a click of a button.

​​Does Ring Work With Google Home

And how convenient would it be to keep track of any pets left at home while you’re at work or any deliveries dropped off before you get home?

All of this and more can be achieved using a device like the Ring doorbell.

To set up a Ring doorbell alongside a device like Google home, requires just some simple steps and means you can access your home security through voice activation.

Though using Google home does mean you won’t have all the functions of a full Ring set up, you can still access all of the essential features and enjoy the security that Ring offers.

What Is Ring?

Ring is a home security and smart home company founded in 2012 by Jamie Siminoff.

Initially, Ring was known as Bot Home Automation INC but was quickly bought by Amazon in 2013 and turned into the brand we all know today.

The company, still owned solely by Amazon, offers a range of outdoor surveillance cameras, including security cameras, doorbells and home devices.

Their most popular products are:

  • Ring-Video-Doorbell 3: Ring’s most recently launched doorbell, an upgrade from their previous model, the Ring Video Doorbell 2. The latest model offers enhanced wifi, improved motion detection and easy installation.
  • Ring-Stick-Up-Security-Camera: This battery operated security camera can be mounted inside or outside the home to give you maximum surveillance over your property. It comes with added privacy features, like customizable privacy zones and audio privacy, so you can focus only on what’s relevant to you.
  • Ring-Floodlight-Camera: The Ring Floodlight Camera comes with 1080p quality viewing as well as motion detected LED floodlights, that allow you to pinpoint any motion and get accurate, real time alerts.

Ultimately, Ring’s aim is to make you feel both as safe and secure as possible, with the latest technology products that give any homeowner peace of mind.

With these high tech products and your google home device, making sure your property is secure has never been easier.

Does Ring Work With Google Home?

Yes, despite Ring and Google being competitors in the video doorbell market, they are actually compatible, and can work together.

What this means is that if you have a video doorbell or camera from Ring, you can integrate the device with your Google Home Hub or Google Nest in order to control your Ring doorbell with your voice, and via the Google Assistant.

However, as Google has their own home security devices to sell, the functions when connected to Ring are somewhat limited.

For instance, whilst you can ask your Google Assistant to check in on the Ring doorbell, start recording, or turn on/off alerts and motion detection, you are not able to cast the video to the Google Home hub in order to view it on the screen or display.

That being said, you can link the two devices together to make it much more simpler to monitor your home and keep it secure at all times.

Why You Should Connect Your Ring Device To Google Home

Why You Should Connect Your Ring Device To Google Home

There are several benefits to linking your Ring doorbell to Google Home, for instance, the ability to control some aspects of your Ring device with Google’s voice assistant.

This allows you to check on the device without having to even lift a finger. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

How To Connect Ring To Google Home

To connect your Ring doorbell to a Google Home device, just follow the simple steps outlined below.

  1. Visit the Google Home Assistant Ring Page – On This page you will select your Google Home device and link it with your Ring account. Make sure you have both your Google account information and Ring account information to hand, as you will need these shortly.
  2. Sign In to Google Assistant – Sign into your Google account, making sure it is the same Email address that your Google device is paired with.
  3. Once signed in click ‘send to device’ – A menu will show up, and allow you to select the type of device you will be pairing with Ring.
  4. Link your Ring doorbell with Google home – A popup will appear and ask if you want to connect your Ring account to your Google account, select ‘yes’.
  5. Sign in to your Ring account – Next your device will ask you to enter your Ring account information, once signed in you should get an Email to verify that your ring account was accessed by Google Home.
  6. Authorize Google Home to access Ring – Do this by clicking the orange ‘authorize’ button, successfully linking the two accounts.

What Can You Do With Your Google Home Device?

With your Google Home device, you can ask your Google assistant to check in on your Ring device in many different ways. For example, you can ask your assistant:

  • Hey Google, Open Ring!
  • Hey Google, Starting A New Recording!
  • Hey Google, What Is The Health Of My Ring Doorbell?
  • Hey Google, Start Recording Video.
  • Hey Google, Turn Motion Alerts Off.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more queries about your Ring device and your Google Home products, check out this handy frequently asked questions section!

Do Google Make Their Own Ring Doorbells?

Yes, Google actually makes their own video doorbells called Nest Hello.

This doorbell functions slightly differently from the Ring Video Doorbell as it monitors and records all of the time if needed, with a subscription.

With Ring doorbells, the device only records when motion is detected. If you’re interested in a Google Nest Doorbell, then you can find them here.

Can You Connect A Google Nest To A Ring Doorbell?

The Google Home Nest Hub is not technically compatible with the Ring Doorbell, as Ring is owned by Amazon and is designed to be used with an Amazon Alexa.

However you can use them together with limited functionality.

You will need to have a combination of the Nest App, Google Home App, and the Ring Doorbell App to achieve total connectivity.

Once this is done, you can use the Ring doorbell and its features as much as you like!

Do You Have To Pay To Use A Ring Doorbell?

Technically, you do not have to pay to use your Ring doorbell.

You can use the Live function to monitor your home, but if you want to respond to alerts and see all motion detected at various points and times throughout the day, then you will need to pay for a Ring Protect subscription plan.

Is My Ring Camera Compatible With Google Home?

Yes, Ring cameras are compatible with Google Home. However, their functionality is limited.

Ring security cameras come with several useful functions such as motion detection, speakers to speak to visitors, a microphone, and the ability to push notifications.

If you are happy with a more basic set up, then using your Google home will be ideal. To get the full range of Ring’s features, an Amazon based set up is required.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, yes you can connect your Ring device to a Google Home hub or Google Home device if you simply follow the steps outlined above.

With your Google Home integrated with your Ring device, you can check up on your cameras or doorbell, ensure they have a good battery life and start recording and interacting with visitors to your home, for better peace of mind and security.

David Jones