Does Blink Require A Subscription?

Blink is a brand for security cameras for both indoors and outdoors of your home. It includes a personal app where you can monitor everything that is recorded on these cameras.

So, whether you are on vacation or away for the weekend you are still able to monitor the safety of your home while you aren’t there. It is also ideal if you have a pet that you like to keep an eye on if you aren’t at home!

Does Blink Require A Subscription?

Do you like having extra security in your home or are you someone that just likes to have an outdoors camera?

There are options for everyone depending on what they need. It is always important to know your options of what is available so you can pick and choose online or even change your mind at any point.

That is the beauty of the internet is there is no time limit on when you might need something and when you can get it! 

The real question is can you have this system without having a subscription and just buy it outright?

The simple answer is yes, but what are you missing out on without having a subscription, and are the benefits of the system better when you have a subscription with the brand?

You can find out everything you need to know about the subscriptions here below.

The Blink System Without A Subscription

You can definitely use this system without having a subscription but you are missing out on some great features that might benefit you, your family or partner.

If you don’t pay for the subscription then you won’t be able to record or store any of the footage. 

You will only be able to have the live streaming service that you can watch when you want but you will not be able to keep footage of anything that happens while you arent there for protection reasons.

This is why most people tend to go for subscription packages and deals that are on offer so they have the evidence of any theft or anything that happens while you’re not there. 

Blink Mini Without Subscription

The Blink mini is a system only working inside of your home due to it needing wiring and the connection to a power source.

This is a similar product when it comes to subscriptions because their policy is that you can only have live streaming if you do not pay for subscription.

It is more to check in on your dog throughout the day at different times to check if they are okay or to make sure that everything is in place.

Therefore, with this product you would have to be watching it at that time to be able to notice any security breaches which is not doable for most people as they will most likely be at work. 

What If You Choose A Subscription Plan – What Are The Benefits?

Does Blink Require A Subscription?

There are several different packages for subscriptions that you can opt for depending on what type of technology cctv you need for either inside or outside of your home.

Here are a few options of the plans you can have if not having a subscription is not a good option for you: 

Basic Plan

The basic plan matches its name where you are able to have sixty days of recording with a years warranty at a very cheap price per month.

This is only for one camera in the home which would be ideal for someone who lives on their own who wants a bit more security for themselves.

It could also be ideal for someone who wants to keep it in a particular place where they feel they need it. 

Plus Plan

The plus plan has a slightly increased amount per month but also has increased features for your home.

The best thing about this package is that you can have as many cameras as you want working and being monitored.

Therefore, if you are someone that wants a lot of your home being monitored, this would be ideal. You are also able to access the cloud storage to keep your recorded content.

What’s even better is that you can also have a 30 day free trial on the cameras to make sure that they are up to the standard that you want.

What About Having The Blink App Without A Subscription? 

This will overall cause limitations for your camera and app usage if you have the cameras without the app subscription. The problem with this is the recording and the storage.

Most people want security cameras so they can record if anything is happening or happens in their home. However, you can get motion alerts and live viewing but it all depends on what type of system you want and more importantly, need. 

Everyone is different when it comes to the security of their homes because it all depends on how safe you feel where you live and neighbors, your pets or children.

Therefore, it is more likely for people with families to have a subscription around the house and outdoors but it does come down to personal need and preference. 


Overall, indoor and outdoor security cameras have their benefits but as mentioned before, you need to get what you need.

Several packages are made for what different types of people need for their homes, but some people don’t need much at all.

Many people don’t want to buy a subscription because of the extra costs and they do not want to pay for something they don’t need. 

It is very common for people to not get a subscription because they only need the live streaming service.

The beauty of it is that you can get a subscription at any time that you like.

If you feel as though you need more benefits or if something happens and you want extra security then the option is always there.

David Jones