Best Video Baby Monitor Reviews And Buying Guide

Getting your newborn to sleep can be a challenging task. Once they’re asleep, you’ll be gifted some “me-time” and the ability to go about the house and do whatever it is that you need (or want) to do.

However, there will always be the question mark on how your baby is doing and whether he or she has woken up.

In steps a video baby monitor to save the day by giving you a set of high-definition eyes and ears behind closed doors.

In this article, we are going to review the very best video baby monitors found online.

Parenthood can be hard. There is no argument in that. 

This is why new parents require tools like video baby monitors to give them a helping hand to safely raise their kids.

With the latest baby monitors now coming equipped with plenty of premium features, parenthood has gotten a little easier, and the chance of catching some Z’s to yourself has increased. 


VAVA’s video baby monitor is a premium product that doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi to function.

Its 5-inch HD display screen has 720p to give you a super clear image of your (hopefully) sleeping baby. 

In case your bub is a restless one, the monitor has built-in zoom, tilt, and panning capabilities.

These do a great job of offering a total view of what’s going on in the room.

If the listed features above don’t quite cut it for you, do not fear, because VAVA is here.

Its ability to connect four cameras to one monitor is very impressive and ensures a CCTV level of security in and around multiple children’s bedrooms.

We were particularly taken by the monitor’s 24-hour battery life and the fact that you can switch between video and audio-only at the press of a button.

It’s true that Wi-Fi compatible monitors can be handy, but when you know that VAVA’s monitor has a powerful transmission range of up to 900 feet, the reliance on WiFi greatly diminishes. 

Wi-Fi also has a tendency to drop out at the drop of a hat. A non-WiFi monitor like this one, therefore, will carry on functioning in perfect working order through any such WiFi-less events.

Seven distinct volume levels give you the option of hearing a pin drop or nothing at all.

If you like the silence then you can rely on the monitor’s built-in noise indicator lights to give you a heads up when your baby starts to wake. 

All in all, this is a high-grade monitor that does a mighty fine job of making the often worrisome parenting gig a more enjoyable one.


Nanit’s Pro Smart baby monitor is the only computer-vision-powered baby monitor that has been safety-certified (HSA/FSA approved) for unrivaled confidence in monitoring.

Unlike VAVA’s non-WiFi monitor, The Pro Smart keeps you in the loop through the powers of the internet.

Its 1080p video offers a super high-def image to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

The two-way audio is a supreme feature that allows you to soothe your baby, from the couch, without moving a muscle. 

The beauty of a WiFi-compatible baby monitoring system like the Pro Smart is that the features increase dramatically.

Its ability to send real-time sound and motion alerts to your smartphone and track your baby’s sleep is very advantageous on the safety front.

It is also compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Echo Show to offer a versatile means of powering the device.

What’s more, you are able to personalize your baby’s sleep tracking to see if they are becoming better sleepers. 

If you find they are doing the reverse and becoming more restless this could be an indicator that a developmental leap is approaching or maybe teething has begun.

Either way, tracking sleep progress is an invaluable tool that Nanit’s Pro Smart offers.

You will be pleased to know that the Pro Smart doesn’t use sensors, electronics, or any kind of radar to monitor a baby's sleep. 

This is where the product’s computer-vision technology steps in and uses print recognition to pick up on breathing wear patterns and track sleep.

Automatically capturing unmissable moments and storing them in a shareable digital memory book is just another modern feature that the aptly named Pro Smart has in store for you. 

This is a super premium WiFi monitor for the modern parent who wants to hone in on their baby for maximum safety and with minimal effort. 


Motorola has created a sleek and stylish monitor in the PIP1510 Connect and we adore it.

There are a lot of baby monitors out there that are built clunky with awkward usability, the PIP1510 is neither of these.

Its no-fuss WiFi-compatible system is branded as “self-intuitive” and is a real treat to use.

The black and white design offers a contemporary aesthetic that will find an easy resting place in any modern room. 

Prefer to mount the camera up high for a true “fly on wall” viewing experience?

Motorola has included a specialist wall mount and bracket package for this exact purpose.

The Motorola Nursery App is compatible with Apple iOS and Android. It is through this app that you are able to access the monitor's best features. 

Things like two-way talk, lullaby selection, room-temperature sensors, infrared night vision, and noise-level indicators are just skimming the surface.

If you were wondering - yes, the app is free to download and use.

If you don’t fancy keeping a watchful eye over your child through the Nursery App, then you’ll be pleased to know the monitor can function just the same without it. 

All you have to do is set up a monitor in the bedroom and, once connected to the parent unit, it will offer you video and audio without the need for WiFi.

This is particularly useful for camping trips and holidays where WiFi and internet signals are dire at best.

One final thing is that the high-sensitivity microphone is designed to pick up on the faintest of sounds and send you instant alerts that your baby is awake. 

With an assortment of calming musical lullabies ready to soothe your baby to sleep, Motorola’s latest baby monitor sure has got every base covered. 


Just when you thought Infant Optics’s DXR-8 couldn’t get any better, they have only gone and released a Pro model.

The DXR-8 Pro is a highly advanced monitor that has been tried, tested, and tried again by thousands of parents across America.

The proof is in the pudding with this one as it has more 5-star reviews on Amazon than any other monitor we’ve come across.

Its beefed-up 5-inch HD screen coupled with a super sharp 720p video feed means the DXR-8 Pro will give you extreme viewing capabilities. 

So much so, that we were able to see whether our child’s eyes were open in the dead of the night.

Not to mention, the high-grade infrared night vision helps with nighttime viewing as well.

The monitor’s audio indicator can instruct you to any and every noise by way of green and red flashing LED lights. 

Its ability to do this while sound and screen are turned off is beneficial for parents who can’t help themselves from checking the monitor screen every minute.

In a similar vein to VAVA’s monitor, the DXR-8 Pro can be paired with four cameras to ensure every corner is covered.

Other notable features include pan and tilt functions as well as an interchangeable zoom lens. 

A wide-angle lens (sold separately) can also be fitted to give you a better whole view of your baby’s room.

When the optical and digital zoom functions are used together you will have six times the zoom capabilities for maximum efficiency.

Competitively priced and packed full of premium features, it’s easy to see why Infant Optics is one of the biggest names in the baby monitoring business. 


The Miku Pro may not be the cheapest baby monitor on this list, but, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

This premium monitor is a super high-tech option for the parent who desires the best, tech and all.

The sleep and breathing function puts you in real-time touch with your baby’s RPMs (respirations per minute).

Unlike more budget-friendly sleep monitoring systems, the Miku Pro tracks sleep without the need for wires, batteries, and special clothing. It is achieved directly through the monitor.

This means it is the safer option and, with less equipment, poses less risk of malfunctioning and parts needing to be replaced.

It does this through its SensorFusion technology. The highly advanced system comprises multiple sensors that have elevated accuracy when compared to single-sensor systems. 

The live breathing aspect of the device will deliver you real-time respiration updates straight to your smartphone via a non-subscription app.

Fitted with 1080p HD video and night vision, you will be given 20/20 crib vision day and night by the Miku Pro.

This monitor also has enhanced audio control and dual Ole Wolff speakers to provide you with unrivaled levels of baby bedroom audio.

Whether you want to play your baby music, sing them a lullaby, or calm them down through words, these high-end speakers won’t miss a thing.

With the Miku Pro, you will also be able to monitor your baby’s room temperature. 

This is especially important in the first few months of a child’s life when they're adapting to life outside the womb.

Humidity, sound, and light are also featured in this highly effective nursery monitoring system that leaves nothing to chance.

Online monitor privacy has become a hot topic among parents as hackers are now able to gain access to unsecured baby monitors. 

Miku has eliminated this risk by way of an embedded, tamper-resistant Crypto Chip.

This chip uses advanced encryption and a two-step authentication process to put you in complete control of your data.

Monitors are all about peace of mind and knowing Miku is so hot on data protection certainly does wonders on this front. 

Video Baby Monitor Buying Guide

There are plenty of baby monitors available online.

This is good news for parents as it means there is most certainly a monitor out there that ticks their every predetermined box.

However, it does also entail learning a thing or two about baby monitors first.

This buying guide has been put together to showcase the more important aspects of video baby monitors so that you can find your winning formula. 

Best Video Baby Monitor Reviews And Buying Guide

Consider The Type Of Monitor First

The first and arguably biggest decision you will make is whether you would prefer a WiFi-enabled monitor or not.

Monitors powered by the internet allow parents to check in on their children from outside of the home through apps on their smartphones.

What’s more, WiFi monitors, in general, are more advanced monitoring systems. Things like sleep tracking and other crib insights are all part of the WiFi experience.

One major downside to WiFi monitors is their ability to be hacked.

Unlike standard monitors that use local radio frequencies to transmit video, WiFi monitors send data via the internet.

This means that, even with secure coding and encryption, they are vulnerable to being hacked and data being stolen.

Luckily, this is considered rare at best, but, nevertheless, it’s still a consideration.

One downside to its video being transmitted via a radio frequency is that the monitor will have a limited range of use.

At the higher end, this can be 1000 feet and on the lower end, you shouldn’t expect much more than 500 feet.

When you consider walls and furniture, the top range will be reduced, sometimes rather significantly.

If you really can’t make your mind up between the two, then the best monitors in the business give you both options, you just have to pay for the privilege. 

Look Out For Features That Matter To You

Once you have decided on the type of monitor that will be the best fit for you and your baby, your attention should suddenly turn to its features.

Yes, it’s true that a monitor’s features will be influenced by its type first and foremost, but this isn’t the only influence. Price is another factor that will dictate how equipped a monitor is.

One feature that can actually reduce your overall monitoring costs is multi-camera compatibility.

This is especially useful for families with more than one child. Parents are able to fit a camera into each of their children’s bedrooms and keep a watchful eye with one monitor.

Premium features like room temperature sensors, breath tracking, two-way talk, lullaby selection, and noise-level indicators can all do their part to offer a heightened monitoring system.

Honing in on the video specifically, features like pan and tilt controls are most certainly welcomed.

We wouldn’t recommend any video that has less than 720p HD, with 1080p being what most premium monitors are fitted with.

Once you factor in the above features alongside your preferred type of monitor you’ll be in good stead to find your perfect monitor.

Find A Monitor That Looks The Part

Now that you have factored in the type and features of your soon-to-be baby monitor, surely the last piece of the puzzle is how it looks?

For any parent who likes to ensure that their baby’s nursery is looking its adorable best, you will want to pay attention.

Unfortunately, there are many baby monitors out there that have been designed to be eyesores.

Big and bulky products that not only take up excessive space but are an easier target for kids to spot and destroy (it does happen).

If you’re serious about your monitoring system then buying a baby monitor with wall-mounting capabilities is your best bet.

If by the off chance, the monitor has been designed in a sleek and stylish manner, then you have certainly landed on something pretty special. Imagine no wires or cords to trip on.

Imagine a monitor that your child can’t get hold of. Imagine a fly-on-the-wall monitor that is positioned high out of sight and mind.

But, one that still does its job and keeps your baby safe. This dream can be a reality if you make sure to consider style as well as substance. 


So there you have it. You now know which monitors are the best in the business.

Through the help of the buying guide, you also know exactly what to look for.

We hope this article has been useful and that you can now enjoy your downtime and sleep without constant worry about how your baby is doing. 

David Jones