Best Monitors To Buy For Security And CCTV Cameras

Your home security and safety should be your number one priority when it comes to not only protecting your home but also your personal belongings.

You also need to have a good monitor to keep an eye on what is being recorded on this CCTV. 

Therefore, it is important that you purchase the best types of monitor for good visuals, depending on the different features and benefits that might sway you.

You also have to take into consideration the negatives about each product that might not be suitable for you at all. 

It is always important to think about why this would be the best monitor for you specifically.

This all comes down to you looking at the pros and cons and thinking about whether this device would suit your security system and your needs. 

This guide should give you a great insight into the different options that are out there and available for you to have in your homes.

There will be a variety of options meaning there should be something for everyone. Keep reading if you want to find the best home security monitor for you! 


When it comes to choosing your monitor that you want attached to your security cameras, you want something with high quality, good connectivity and something flexible.

You don't want to be watching some important footage back and all of a sudden there are flickers in the screen or the brightness levels aren't very adjustable and it starts irritating your eyes.

This particular monitor has many of these benefits and they also focus on your eye care as we tend to spend more and more time looking at screens, it is important our eyes are safe from damage.

This monitor is one of Amazon’s top picks and could be the perfect option for your security cameras and here are some of the reasons why: 


  • It has flexible connectivity.
  • It minimizes eye tiredness with great adjustments for the perfect position. 
  • HDR10 High Dynamic Range - includes a vast amount of brightness levels. 
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync 
  • Used for different reasons: gaming, personal and business. 
  • Full refund in 30 days if damaged or unopened.


  • It is not sold by Amazon, if faulty you would have to ship it back to the company itself.


If you are looking for something that has excellent quality, great audio and is easy to use then this is the product for you.

Nobody wants to buy something and then take hours learning how to use the controls of the remote.

There are many different benefits to this product like the focus on removing those flickers on the screen which could affect how you view your footage. 

Another great benefit is how they also focus on your eye care in the sense of their brightness controls and keeping everything adjustable for your eyes.

Finally, watch out for fragile stands on these products as it is something that has been brought up.  


  • Outstanding image quality (2560x1440 resolution).
  • Easy use and control by remote for scrolling through your different cameras. 
  • Focus on your eye health by making sure they are adjusted perfectly and the brightness is on the same level. 
  • Remove screen flickers. 
  • You can select the best audio for you. 


  • Fragile stands for the monitor


What type of monitor do you need?

Are you looking for something quite up market or something more affordable for watching your CCTV footage? It all depends on how much you will be using this device. 

This is a very affordable model which does include color-rich graphics and great quality when it comes to your footage.

Another great thing about this product is that it was very highly rated because they constantly have great deals on where you can save even more money on this monitor in comparison to something way more expensive. 

You might need to think about where you are placing the monitor as they are meant to have rather awkward USB ports, just a thought before placing it somewhere which could make it more difficult.


  • More affordable than other brands. 
  • Color-rich images with great quality which is ideal for showing camera footage. 
  • Adjustable stand to put it in the best position for where you need it. 
  • Always great deals for this brand where you can get it at a cheaper price.


  • Awkward access to USB ports


This type of monitor is one which highlights how great thewatching quality is, with very high resolutions and the reduction of blue light for the eye care of the consumer.

There is also the split screen function which could be great for you if you want to watch two bits of footage alongside each other. 

This monitor does not include an adjustable stand which could be an issue for some people as they will not be able to put it in the correct positions for them.


  • There is a split screen function which is great for looking at more than one bit of footage. 
  • Smooth watching experience. 
  • Links up to many external devices. 
  • Reduces blue light. 
  • 4k resolution.


  • The stand is not adjustable.


Are you looking for something with a few more features added in and a bit higher up market.

This curved monitor and built-in speakers are in place to maximize what you're watching and will give you an extended view of the footage. 

Moreover, if you want to use this monitor for other uses as well, it is great for watching films and also gaming.

This is a monitor that you can enjoy with a very fluid watching system that eliminates lag so you can watch whatever you need to in high quality with no interruptions. 

This monitor can also be installed on the wall or can be placed on the stand provided which could be a great way to place it wherever you want. It gives you great options.


  • Can be mounted on the wall or on a stand. 
  • Eliminates lag for a smooth experience. 
  • Curved screen for a maximized experience and an extended viewpoint. 
  • Crystal images and very high resolution. 
  • Flicker free. 
  • Low blue light.


  • These appear to be Zero Edge but are not. 
  • There is no plastic bezel but the screen does not extend to the edge.

Buyers Guide

You want to be buying a product that is going to work for what you need it for.

Therefore, it is always important to look at the pros and cons and determine whether it matches your primary need for the product.

It can seem easy enough buying a monitor online. However, if you don't know too much about the jargon of the product then you might end up buying something that doesn't fit your needs.

These types of products are definitely not cheap, regardless of whether they are higher or lower on the market.

Therefore, save yourself time and money by reading this guide which should hopefully push you towards making the best decision for you! 

Best Monitors To Buy For Security And CCTV Cameras

Curved Vs Uncurved

With different types of monitors, come different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a monitor to keep an eye on your CCTV in and outside of your home, you need something that is reliable and has good quality to view your footage on.

When it comes to curved monitors, they do appear to be a higher end product because they are more modern and nice to look at.

They also have the ability to give you a more immersive experience because it gives the appearance of an extended screen.

However, you need to think about whether it is what you need for viewing your footage on or whether you could buy something less expensive and simpler.

However, you might also need the monitor for a multi-functional use in your home which could also include watching films or also playing games on.

Again, it comes down to how much you are going to use it and are you going to get your money's worth. 


When it comes to the access of your monitor, you want to make sure that it will be easy to place in your home.

As mentioned previously, some products had issues with USB ports being difficult to access and these types of issues you need to keep in mind when you're thinking of the best place to put your monitor and whether another product could be easier to place. 

It is also good to take into consideration the control system of the controller, is it easy to use and why. If you're using this for your CCTV, you need a product that is easy to maneuver around so you can switch from camera to camera easily. 


As mentioned previously, the positioning of the monitor can be really important for your neck and eye care if you are using the monitor for long periods of time.

Therefore, if this is the case, you need to look for an option where it has adjustable features, so you can move it around to fit to where you need it. 

You do not want to have to put it somewhere that is not great for watching footage. Some products can also be mounted to a wall which could be a great option because then you can place it wherever is good for you! 


Looking at the price of the product is also really important because you want to get your money's worth for the usage you'll need.

Therefore, if you think you will have a more minimal usage of the monitor, only when you need to look at particular footage from a camera, then it could be a great option to go for a more affordable option which still works for a good standard but doesn't have all of the extra features which might enhance a gamers experience. 

However, if you want to buy a monitor for more than just your CCTV cameras, then it could be a good idea to look at more of a range from above, where they have great resolution, high speed, great connectivity and features that would benefit your usage. 


When looking for a monitor, it is also really important to think about the durability of the product. The reviews on products, whether they have died earlier than others for certain reasons. 

You want any product you buy to last as long as they possibly can to get your money's worth from it.

However, there are some brands which are known for better durability than others and it does also include the age of certain monitors where more updated versions now work to a better quality. 

Eye Care 

Your eyes and neck are very important parts of you that you want to keep in good condition.

Therefore, staring at a screen all day is never going to be amazing for them but companies are coming up with ways to make this screen time less damaging for individuals' eyes. 

For example, you want to look for the reduction of blue light on their systems because this is what will make your eyes really tired when watching the content on your screen.

You also want to look for that ‘eye care’ part of their pros and this is a newer feature and won't be found as much on older products but is a great step forward for these brands.

It also links to the brightness levels and controls which can be set to a level which is better for your eyes if you are using the monitors for longer periods of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Computer Monitor Be Used With A Security Camera?

Wireless security cameras with a computer monitor can be used just about anywhere.

A wireless security camera transmits its video images using either the 2.8 or 5.8 KHz frequencies to a receiver that is tuned to the same channel. The receiver then passes the signal on to the processor or a personal computer.

Is A Monitor Or TV Better For CCTV?

CCTV Monitors are built to be on constantly while your average television is only made to be on a few hours a day.

That being said, the standard of television being manufactured these days is pretty high and an LCD TV should have little trouble keeping up with the CCTV monitor.

What Is A CCTV Monitor?

CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television, is a security monitor system that enables you to always keep a watchful eye around or in your business.

CCTV security systems contain monitors and cameras that allow you to view live events, as well as recorders that archive footage for later use.


Overall, you need to make sure you are buying the correct monitor for your personal or business needs to get your money's worth out of it.

Depending on how much money you are willing to part with, there are extensive options and different brands to choose from which all have great features that will benefit you. 

Keep in mind that this product might not only be used for CCTV footage and you may also want to use it for other uses as well. Therefore, keep your options open, but also know the sort of thing you are looking for because there are just SO many.

David Jones