Amcrest 1080p HD Video Security System: A Review

Founded in 2013 by Abdurahman Ravat, Amcrest resides in the Greater Houston Area, Texas. Manufacturing and distributing home security products, they are a trusted brand and considered one of the best in the industry. 

But whilst it's no secret that Amcrest are at the forefront of their industry, a saturated market can still make it difficult to find the best product for you.

It’s important to ascertain what we desire from a home security system, and what exactly we are prepared to invest.

Things To Be Wary Of

Beware though, overtly unnatural reviews can be a sign of “bots” or industry plants placed by the seller, so it is important to use your common sense and ensure what you are reading makes sense. 

The same goes for 1 star and 5 star reviews. Strong minded reviews on either end should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Gushing reviews could be put there by the seller, and furious reviews could be disgruntled customers with an ax to grind. 

Compare them to similar reviews, and find common ground. If there are glowing reviews and one bad one, then it's fair to chalk it up to bad luck (or pickiness on their part). 

Amcrest 1080p HD Video Security System



  • Handy, on the go usage.
  • Android and IOS compatibility.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Functional with FireFox 49.0, Chrome, and Safari 11.
  • Good frame rate.
  • Strong range of vision.
  • High field of view.
  • High quality video recording.
  • Great during daylight hours.
  • Good, long lasting customer support.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Two way audio.
  • Audio detection capabilities.
  • Good value for money.


  • Requires additional software for PC viewing on the wide screen.
  • Night time recording can seem slightly grainy - especially with light pollution in frame.
  • Temperamental app support/connectivity.

Now onto the review. 

One of their highest rated and popular products is the Amcrest 1080p “pan/tilt” security camera, which comes in a matte black coloring, offers wireless connectivity for ease of installation, and boasts high definition video quality to perfectly capture and record any motion before it. 

Picture Quality

Offering real time, true HD, and with a frame rate of 30fps, the Amcrest offers the highest quality for a modest price.

Possessing a 4.0mm fixed lens, the camera has a high field of view, and the pan option offers 360 degrees of movement (horizontally), with the tilt option offering an additional 90 degrees (vertically). 

With an Exmor 1 / 2.9 megapixel image sensor, and built-in infrared night vision, the camera can detect motion up to 32 feet away, offering a relatively clear view regardless of light level. 

This is promising, because one of the main things you want is guaranteed effectiveness around the clock. You can’t always guarantee it will be bright and sunny, and thieves don’t always come out during business hours. 

If this wasn’t enough, the pan/tilt functions of this camera offers an extra wide 90 degree viewing angle, providing a higher field of view that is perfect for establishing a watchful eye over your front entryway. 

Smart Features

Supported by the Amcrest View App, the Amcrest allows you to monitor, control, and receive notifications through your smartphone or tablet. 

This is effective for people on the go, particularly those who work longer, irregular hours who might wish to check up on their property and possessions. 

Whilst PC viewing is available, it does require specialist software, such as Amcrest Surveillance Pro or Blue Iris Professional - making this a slightly more expensive endeavor. 

The positive is though, that with smart devices, this isn’t a necessity, and smartphone/tablet viewing is the main method.  

Storage Options

The Amcrest offers a range of storage options, including cloud storage (through the Amcrest server), micro SD card storage (for internet-free options), and Amcrest NVRs (network video recorders). 

The micro SD storage offers a storage potential of up to 258Gb, meaning this can be comfortably used as your primary storage method. 

Cloud storage is a good method for additional protection, as it prevents data loss in the eventuality of hardware damage or malfunction. However, this is not compulsory, so if you aren’t comfortable you don’t have to.

The system also uses H.265 compression, which means that the data will use 50% less bandwidth, making data transfer much faster, and the data footprint smaller, meaning more footage can be stored. 


The Amcrest features two way audio, meaning you can not only hear audio along with motion, but you can also communicate with people through the camera. 

This is perfect if you need to communicate with a delivery person (e.g. for where to store your package), an unexpected visitor (if you aren’t home), or even to warn off potential intruders should the need arise. 


The product is durable and well made, with minimal exposed components, minimal moving parts, and a hard shell to protect from damage. 

It is weather resistant, and has an operating temperature of -10C to 45C. 

Additional Features

Additionally, the Amcrest offers wireless and ethernet connectivity, depending on your connection strength. 

This means that any connection problems can be alleviated by using a wired, stronger connection for better efficiency. 

Amcrest also offers a full 1 year warranty, and lifetime technical support provided by the company, ensuring all your issues are met after purchase.

Buyer’s Guide

There are several factors that we need to be mindful of when choosing suitable home security technology, namely value for money, ease of installation (and operation), and efficiency. 

Amcrest 1080p HD Video Security System: A Review

Value For Money

People don’t mind parting with larger sums of money if the product does what it says on the package. If it exceeds those expectations, then all the better, but ultimately people just don’t want to feel like they’ve been cheated out of their hard earned cash. 

Flaws can be excused in budget products, and the low price tag takes away the sting of failure. Larger ticket items however are a different story entirely. 

Check the reviews before committing to a deal. If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is, so research deeper, and see what real, human customers have to say about the products in question. 

Ease Of Installation

Another thing that can seriously dissuade customers from purchasing technology is difficulty in use and installation. 

Not every customer is a tech wizard, in fact most of them will probably have an average understanding of technology, so the products need to be accessible in that way. 

Confidence is a big factor in purchasing home security equipment, so if the item boasts a difficult installation process and complex instructions regarding operation, then most fairweather customers won’t want to get involved. 

Most consumer-aimed security products don’t require a technician to install them, it just isn’t the nature of that market anymore, and so there is no excuse for unnecessarily tricky instructions. 


The main thing customers want from any item is for it to fit the purpose they bought it for. 

This isn’t too much to ask, but in such a hectic marketplace, it's not unusual for chaff to work its way in amongst the wheat. Make sure you read the specifications of any product, and pair these with customer reviews. 

Ultimately, what you want is high definition recording (of 1080p or above), a good resolution (measured in megapixels, or Mp), a good frame rate (fps), good night vision, good storage capabilities, and sturdy outer casing (for waterproofing and protection).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frame Rate Important? 

Yes. This could be the difference between recording an intruder, and their face being blurry. The higher the frame rate, the better quality the recording will be. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wireless Connectivity? 

The main benefit of a wireless system is that there is no need for wires or excess effort during installation. This can be a game changer in making a product user friendly and accessible to a wider customer base. 

Is App Support Important? 

This depends on the customer and the relationship they want to have with their home security system. 

The benefits of a good app are that you can use it to monitor the network specifications, keep an eye on connectivity levels, and also review footage you have recorded. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, our review of the Amcrest 1080p HD Video Security System. 

Whilst possessing standard functions seen on many similar models, it is one of the lowest prices available with a solid, well trusted brand name. 

As their business mantra attests, they truly are aimed at providing professional, industry quality at a consumer level and price. 

But don’t take our word for it, why not go out and try it yourself? But as always, do your research!

David Jones