About Us

Within recent years, our homes have become even more of a sanctuary to us than before. After working hard for our belongings, it makes sense that we’d want to secure them in some way. So why are so many people still leaving their homes unprotected? 

Believe me, I was the same as you not too long ago. Hi, my name is David Jones. My wife and I didn’t have any security protection added to our home, even while we went on holiday abroad. Low and behold - our house was broken into and over $3,000 of belongings were stolen.

Did we have house insurance, you might be asking. No, we did not. So that $3,000 was gone within an instant, and we were left trying to rebuild our once safe space. 

Despite the items taken being irreplaceable, the main thing that suffered was our mental health. My wife couldn’t stay in the house alone, and I couldn’t sleep in case they came back.

After a few months of mental torture, I began looking into security cameras and other forms of protection. The same day I got one installed and have never looked back. We now feel safe in our home again. 

If you’re reading this, I urge you to get yourself and your home protected. You might think that it won’t happen to you, but it very well might and a security device might deter criminals or help you get the justice you deserve. 

I have started Security Camera System Pro to help you find the best information out there on how to get your home protected in the quickest amount of time possible. I hope that I can help you in some way to avoid anyone from going through the same thing that we did.