5 Best Security Cameras For 24 Hour Recording

What security cameras are the best and the safest for home security?

For keeping a home safe, 24 hour security cameras offer the best security possible. They record every moment to ensure that the homeowners know who has been at their house.

This is vital for the safety of the household and if any criminals were to break-in, the 24-hour security camera would record them. 

This article discusses the best security cameras for 24 hour recording. These cameras are the safest and most reliable security cameras!

What Is A 24-Hour Security Camera? 

Most people assume that security cameras all work the same, and that they all record for 24 hours a day. This is a misconception.

There are dozens of different types of security cameras, and not all of them record for 24 hours a day.

For example, there are some security cameras that only record when motion is detected. That means if no motion was detected for 24 hours, the camera would not record anything. 

Traditional security cameras recorded for 24 hours, and this was not even a selling point, just a very obvious and normal aspect of a security camera.

However, this became problematic because it meant that homeowners were constantly investing in SD cards for the security recordings, which was not ideal. 

As technology progressed, smart cameras were also able to record for 24 hours.

However, a similar problem occurred, where 24 hour recording sent to the cloud was not practical for storage space and ended up costing homeowners more money, like with the SD cards. 

Due to this problem, a lot of companies do not create security cameras that record for 24 hours a day, because it is not practical and can be expensive to run. That is why other types of cameras, such as motion detector cameras, became popular. 

Despite all of this, there are still many companies that sell security cameras that record for 24 hours a day. This article lists the best 5 security cameras that record 24 hours a day, as well as the pros and cons of the security cameras. 

Why Are 24 Hour Security Cameras Safer?

Most 24 hour security cameras are a type of smart camera. While these security cameras record for 24 hours, they usually have other features, such as motion detection.

This means that while the camera does record for 24 hours a day, it will also alert the homeowner via a mobile phone when any motion has been detected. 

Some people may think that if a 24-hour security camera is also a motion detection security camera, that it is a bit pointless. This is not true, and in fact, many people buy 24 hour security cameras because they are safer and reliable. 

It is a known fact that while smart cameras are reliable, they can also have errors. Motion detection cameras do not always detect when someone is near the camera, which means it may not record when a criminal or a person is near the camera. 

A camera that records 24 hours a day means that the homeowner is fully aware of who has been at their property. 

The 5 Best Security Cameras For 24 Hour Recording - 1000 


The Google Nest Cam is a security camera that records for 24 hours a day. 

This camera has a 1080p HD camera. The Google Nest Cam has a camera that has a 130 diagonal field of view that can capture 30 frames per second.

Plus, the Google Nest Cam has a 8x digital zoom. It also features infrared night vision. Infrared cameras are critical for not only providing clear images at night, but a clearer image during the daytime. 

The Google Nest Cam also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Home Hub. 

The only issue with the Google Nest Cam is that homeowners will have to pay extra if they want to access the footage for 24 hour recordings. This is through the Nest Aware Subscription plan.

The Nest Aware Plus is the only subscription plan which allows homeowners to access the 24/7 security footage. The 24/7 footage is kept for 10 days on Google cloud. The homeowner can access and download this footage. 

If a homeowner owned 5 different Google Nest Cameras, the Nest Aware Plus Subscription Plan would cover all 5 cameras. 


  • The Google Nest Cam is a 1080 HD camera that has a 130 diagonal field of view.
  • Infrared camera for clearer images. 
  • Google Nest Cam has a 8c digital zoom. 


  • 24/7 security footage access is only available with Nest Aware Subscription Plan Plus.


The Arlo Pro 2 is a good option for a 24-hour security camera. Most of Arlo’s security cameras are 24-hour security, but the Arlo Pro 2 is still a good option and is cheaper than newer versions. 

The Arlo Pro 2 is a good choice for home security because the footage is always clear.

The Arlo Pro 2 features a 1080 HD camera, the same quality as the Google Nest Cam. It also has night vision which is vital for a security camera.

Plus, the Arlo Pro 2 is also a motion detection camera, which means the homeowner will be notified when any motion is detected.

Like the Google Nest Cam, Arlo requires a subscription for 24-hour security footage. This means that the footage can be accessed in the Google cloud, but only with a subscription.

The subscription plan is $10 a month for 14 days of video storage, or $20 a month for 30 days of video storage. 

Unlike the Google Nest Cam, this is per camera, so it’s not that cost-effective if the homeowner has multiple cameras. 

However, Arlo does make reliable security cameras that are ideal for home security. 


  • Arlo Pro 2 features a 1080 HD camera.
  • Arlo Pro 2 is also a motion detection camera.
  • Arlo Pro 2 has night vision. 


  • For access to the 24-hour security footage, the homeowner must pay a subscription fee.


Eufy is a security camera brand that creates very reliable security cameras. The majority of the Eufy security cameras have 24-hour security footage. 

The Eufy Cam does not always record 24-hour security, this is an option that the homeowner needs to choose. Unlike the other brands, however, there is no fee for the 24-hour security footage. 

The only downside is that Eufy Cams usually record in 2k. However, when an Eufy Cam is recording for 24-hours, the Eufy Cam will only record in HD.

This is because recording for 24-hours takes up a lot of storage space, and recording at a lower quality will optimize storage. 

Homeowners have the option of storing their security footage on an SD card or paying for an Eufy storage plan, which is only $3 a month. 

The Eufy Cam also has the option for homeowners to speak from their camera. That means if the homeowner is watching the Eufy Cam from an app, they can speak via the app to the Eufy Cam and talk to whoever passes by the camera. 


  • Eufy Cam does not require a subscription for 24-hour recording. 
  • Eufy Cam records in 2K.
  • Homeowners can use an SD card or pay Eufy for a storage plan. 


  • Eufy Cams only record 24-hour security footage in HD, not 2K.


Reolink security cameras are reliable 24-hour security cameras. 

The Reolink Cam has a 4K HD camera, which means that security footage is always reliable and clear. The Reolink Cam also works as a motion detector.

When the camera detects motion, the camera will send the homeowner an alert. This gives the homeowner the option to look at the camera from their phone to ensure there is no danger. 

The 24-hour security camera can be accessed in the camera settings. The homeowner needs to select the option for 24-hour recording themselves.

Like the Eufy Cam, Reolink allows homeowners to use either SD cards, or the Google Cloud to store the security footage.


  • The Reolink Cam has a 4K HD camera.
  • The Reolink Cam also works as a motion detector.
  • Reolink allows homeowners to use either SD cards, or the Google Cloud.


  • Does not use batteries.


The Wyze Cam is one of the most affordable 24-hour security cameras that a homeowner can buy.

While the Wyze Cam is an affordable security camera, it does require the homeowner to buy a Class 10 micro SD card if they want to record 24-hour security footage.

The SD cards are not expensive, but it means that the homeowner cannot view the 24-hour security footage on the Google Cloud. 

The Wyze Cam has a camera that records in 1080p, which is similar to other brands on the list.

However, the camera still does not record as clearly as other cameras on the list, which means, although it’s an affordable camera, it is not the best camera. 

The Wyze Cam is not suitable as an outdoor camera, only an indoor security camera. 


  • The Wyze Cam is an affordable security camera. 
  • The Wyze Cam records in 1080p. 


  • The Wyze Cam camera is not as clear as other cameras on the list.
  • The Wyze Cam can only record 24-hour security footage if the camera has a SD card.

Buyers Guide

When a homeowner is looking for a security camera, they need to think about essential features of a security camera that matter to them.

5 Best Security Cameras For 24 Hour Recording

There are dozens of different security cameras that a person can buy, but every security camera has different features.

That’s why before a person buys a security camera, they need to make sure that they have researched what elements of a security camera are important to them, because not every security camera will have the same features.

Security cameras that record 24-hours a day are one of the most effective security cameras.

That’s because the security camera is always recording. It does not rely on technology such as motion detectors.

Motion detection cameras are an excellent invention, but they are not always reliable, which means they are not always the safest security camera. 

There are downsides to security cameras that record 24-hours a day. The first problem is that a 24-hour security camera will cost more electricity than a regular security camera.

This means that the homeowner needs to be able to pay a higher electricity bill every month.

Another issue is that security cameras that only use SD cards can be a safety concern. A criminal can steal the security camera and then steal the footage that is on the camera.

This means that a security camera that uploads the footage to the Google Cloud is often safer. 

Homeowners also need to remember that every type of wireless security camera could be hacked.

This means that while a criminal could steal an SD card, a criminal could also hack a wireless security camera. 

There are other types of security cameras, such as wired cameras. They do not use Wi-Fi, and instead are traditional types of security cameras.

These security cameras are more reliable, but many people dislike them due to the wires. There are also wireless doorbell cameras.

Doorbell cameras are useful, and some brands of wireless doorbell cameras can also work as a security camera.

However, this is better used as a method of checking who is at the door, and is not an ideal replacement for a security camera.

There are also security cameras called floodlight security cameras. These cameras work as a deterrence, because a light will appear whenever someone is at the property.

However, these cameras do not offer 24-hour security. This is a good security camera for deterrence, but this type of security camera usually works by detecting motion.

That means the light will appear, and the security camera will record only when the camera detects motion.

A 24-hour security camera is ideal for families, because it is the safest type of security camera.

This means that the security camera will record footage of everyone who has been at the property.

Motion detection cameras are usually reliable, but they are not as reliable as 24-hour security cameras, because motion detection cameras do not always work. 

This also means that while floodlight security cameras are reliable, they are still not as reliable as 24-hour security cameras.

Motion detection cameras are generally reliable, but for families, or any vulnerable group, 24-hour security cameras are the safer option. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is A Continuous Recording Security Camera?

A continuous recording security camera is the same as a 24-hour security camera.

Are Motion Detection Security Cameras Cheaper?

Motion detecting security cameras are cheaper overall because it means homeowners will buy less SD cards or need less Google Cloud space.

Which Is Better, Motion Detection Cameras Or 24-Hour Security Cameras?

24-hour security cameras are safer because motion detection cameras are not always reliable.


The cameras that we have looked at today are the 5 best security cameras for 24-hour security footage.

These cameras are reliable and can record footage for 24-hours to ensure that a property is kept safe from criminals.

24-hour security cameras are more expensive overall than most security cameras, but they are safer than other security cameras.  

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